Potential stocks, common stock, preferred stock, blue, garbage stocks, blue chips, red chips

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potential stock refers to the company's operating management and profitability of the trend of growth, while the distribution of profits have the potential to deliver, can give investors a rich return on the stock.

common stock refers to the shares of ordinary rights in the operation and management of the company and the distribution of profits and property, representing the right to satisfy all claims and the right to claim the profits and residual property of the enterprise after the preferential shareholder's right of return and claim, which forms the basis of the company's capital and is a basic form of stock. is also the largest circulation, the most important stock.

the shares currently traded on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges are common stock.

* preferred stock is a company that gives investors certain priority shares when raising funds, and this priority is expressed in two areas:

Preferred stock has a fixed dividend , does not fluctuate with the performance of the company, and can be before the ordinary shareholders to receive dividends;

② when the company is bankrupt and the property is liquidated, the shareholders of the preferred shares have the right to claim for the remaining property of the company before the general shareholders. However, the preferred stock does not take part in the dividend distribution of the company, and the shareholder does not have the voting right to participate in the management of the company. As a result, priority shares are less risky than common stock, although the benefits and decision-making participation rights are limited.

* Blue is a good company's stock, but the definition of blue is different at home and abroad. In our country, the main index for investors to measure Blue is the profit after tax and the return on net assets of each share. In general, after-tax profit per share in all listed companies in the top position, the company listed after the net asset yield of three consecutive years significantly more than 10% of the stock is blue . Blue has a high return on investment and investment value.

* The Junk index is the stock of companies with poor performance . Such listed companies either due to the bad prospects of the industry, or because of poor business, and some even into the loss ranks. Its stock in the market performance is depressed, the share price is low, the exchange is not active, the year-end dividend is also poor. Investors in considering the choice of these stocks, should have a higher risk awareness, avoid blindly follow the speculation.

Blue-Chip -in the stock market, investors in the industry in which they occupy an important dominant position, excellent performance, trading active, generous dividends of large companies known as blue-chip stocks . The term "blue chip" originated in Western casinos. In the Western casino, there are two kinds of color chips, which are the most valuable blue chips, red chips followed by the worst white chips. This is what investors apply to stocks.

* The concept of red Chips was born in the Hong Kong stock market in the early 90. The People's Republic of China is sometimes referred to as Red China at the international time, and accordingly, Hong Kong and international investors refer to those stocks with Chinese mainland concepts that are registered overseas and listed in Hong Kong as red chips.

Potential stocks, common stock, preferred stock, blue, garbage stocks, blue chips, red chips

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