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The countdown to the progress bar can often be seen on various occasions. Sometimes there is a thing on TV when advertising, let us see the passage of time, so that the long advertising time is not too desperate. In fact, in our classroom can also be used, such as to engage in a limited answer link. Well, no more, let's take a look at how it's done in PowerPoint 2007.

Watching TV on the effect is a long rectangular bar, with the loss of time continuously from top to bottom gradually shortened, and finally disappeared, I also do this effect.

First, the production of rectangular bar

A long rectangular rectangle is easy to do, and you can easily get it by clicking the corresponding button in the Shape feature Group of the Ribbon Insert tab. We can fill three colors of red, yellow and green with three rectangles respectively. The implementation method is when the rectangle is selected, in the Shape Styles feature Group of the Format tab under the new drawing tools in the Ribbon, click the small triangle to the right of the shape Fill button, and then select the appropriate color in the list that pops up, as shown in Figure 1. After the color fill is complete, click the "Shape Outline" button in this feature group and select "No outline" in the pop-up menu to remove the rectangle's border line.

Figure 1

After the three color blocks are in place, adjust their position and connect them exactly. If necessary, you can press the "CTRL" Key with the arrow keys on the keyboard for accurate movement. Then select the three color blocks and click the "group" command in the right-click menu to combine them into one whole.

Select the grouped new objects, press the CTRL key and drag the mouse to the side to copy the second object. Select the second object, filling its color to the background of the slide with the previous method. Be sure to remember the approximate location of the object, or you will not find it later.

Now select the object after the first combination, right-click, and select size and position in the pop-up menu to open the Size and Position dialog box. Click the Location tab and write down the two digits in the horizontal and vertical input boxes, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

Select the second object, and still click the size and Position command in the right-click menu, and then fill in the two digits that you recorded in the appropriate input box on the Location tab of the Open dialog box.

After this setting, the second object is completely overlapped to the first group object. Now, on the screen can not see anything, hehe. This is because the second object has exactly the same fill color as the background color, so it's a reminder to remember where they are.

Second, set the countdown effect

Now select the second object on the top and click the Custom Animation button in the animation feature group of the Ribbon Animation tab to open the Custom Animation task pane.

Click the "add effect → enter → erase" command in the upper-left corner of the task pane to add the erased animation to this object. Then click the Drop-down button to the right of the animated task bar in the list of custom animations below, and select the effect Options command in the pop-up list, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3

Open the Erase dialog box. Click the Effects tab and select from top in the Orientation Drop-down list. Tap the Timing tab and enter the countdown time "20" (20 seconds) in the speed input box. As shown in Figure 4. When you're sure, you'll see the countdown.


Figure 4

See here you must understand: in fact, we are with a background color of the same rectangular block slowly covering the original three-color rectangular block, resulting in three-color block rectangular block gradually shortened to the illusion of disappearing. The effect is shown in Figure 5 (three-time scratch graph synthesis). In fact, as long as we think more, a lot of good results can be achieved in PowerPoint.

Figure 5

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