PowerPoint 2007 tutorial on the production of Rotary windmill

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One, a single sector of the production

A windmill can be seen as a fan-shaped surface of different colours. We can use AutoShapes to make it. For example, a simple one, with six center angles of the same 60-degree radius of the same fan, each sector filled with different colors, so you can get a simple windmill graphics.

Click on the Ribbon Insert tab The Illustration Feature Group shape button, click the Line button in the line in the pop-up list, and then hold down the Shift key to drag a horizontal line through the window. Select this line, press the CTRL key, and then drag the line with your mouse to copy the second horizontal line. Right-click on the line, click the "size and position" command in the pop-up menu, and open the Size and Position dialog box. Click the Size tab in the dialog box and enter an angle of 60 degrees in the Rotate input box, as shown in Figure 1. In this way, the angle between the two lines can be changed to 60 degrees. We'll use this angle for a while.

Figure 1 PowerPoint 2007 adjusts the size and position of the line

Now click on the Ribbon "Start" tab, "Figure" Feature Group shape button, and in the pop-up list, click the pie button in basic shapes, as shown in Fig. 2. Press the Shift key and click in the window to get a three-fourths-round pie, and you can see that there are two yellow diamond-shaped handles on the shape.

Figure 2 PowerPoint 2007 inserting basic Shapes Office software tutorials

Select the two lines you have made, right-click, and click on the "put Top → top" command on the pop-up menu to place them at the top level.

Adjust the size of the pie, and move the center point of the pie to the intersection of the two lines we made before, so that they overlap. Adjust the yellow diamond handle, so that the two side of the sector and we do a good two intersecting lines together, so that we can get a basic accurate center angle of 60 degree fan.

After doing well, the two auxiliary lines can be deleted.

Second, the production of windmills

Select a good fan, click the right button in the sector, click the "size and position" command in the pop-up shortcut menu, and open the Size and Position dialog box. Remember that the data in the horizontal and vertical input boxes on the Location tab is alternate, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3 PowerPoint 2007 setting size and location

Then copy the five fan shapes, select the first pie-shaped shape, right-click, and still open the size and Position dialog box, and then enter the data you just noted in the horizontal and vertical input boxes on the Location tab. Click on the "Size" tab and enter "60" in the "Rotate" input box.

The other sectors are processed according to this, but the angle of rotation is set to "120", "180", "240", "300" degrees respectively. Once the processing is complete, a complete circle consisting of six fans can be obtained.

Now it's time to select a pie, and then click the small triangle next to the Shape-style feature Group shape Fill button on the Format tab under Drawing Tools in the Ribbon, and specify the color for the sector in the pop-up menu, as shown in Figure 4. Some of the other fans do the same.

Figure 4 PowerPoint 2007 Setting fill Color

When finished, select all of the sectors with the mouse frame, then click the right button and click "combination → combination" in the pop-up menu to combine them into an object. In this way, a simple windmill is done.

Select the grouped objects, and then copy the two. What we are going to achieve is that three windmills rotate at different speeds and in different directions respectively.

Third, the addition of rotating animation

Select all three windmills and click on the Ribbon Animation tab The Animation feature Group Custom Animation button to open the Custom Animation task pane.

In the upper-left corner of the task pane, click on the add effect → emphasis → other effect command, open the Add Emphasis Effect dialog box, click on the "spin" in the "Basic" list, and then make sure you can animate the task list in the task pane, as shown in Figure 5. The serial numbers of the three tasks are the same. Click on the "Play" button below to see that all three windmills rotate in the same direction and speed. After turning 360 degrees, it stops turning.

Figure 5 PowerPoint 2007 Custom Animation

Now, select one of the animation tasks, click the Drop-down button on the right, and click Effect Options on the pop-up menu to open the Spin dialog box. Click the Effects tab, and then select counterclockwise or clockwise in the Drop-down list after quantity, as shown in Figure 6. Click on the Timing tab and choose speed settings such as slow, medium, or fast in the speed Drop-down list. Specify the number of times the rotation repeats in the Repeat Drop-down list, or select until the next click or until the end of the slide.

Figure 6 PowerPoint 2007 setting Gyro Spin

The animation of the three windmills is set in different rotational speed and rotation direction respectively. When you are done, you can see the expected effect.

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