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Our "Chang ' E Satellite" has been flying around the moon, really exciting moment! Let's use PowerPoint to complete an example of "Chang ' E around the moon".

First, prepare the material: Star, Moon and "Chang ' e satellite" pictures. (Moon Chart and satellite chart best use picture processing software to dig off the background.) )

Second, insert the material: Run PowerPoint 2003, create a new blank slide, and perform the format-background command to insert the "sky map" as the background. Then the insert-picture-from File command is inserted into the moon map and the satellite map to adjust the size ratio and position.

Third, create animation effect: The left mouse button selected "Satellite map" to perform the slide show-Custom Animation command, expand the Custom Animation task pane, click the Drop-down button to the right of add animation, and in the Drop-down list, select motion Path-Other motion path to select the Circle Extension command in the basic type. Then use the mouse to adjust the location and size of the path through six control points. Pull it into the oval and adjust it to the right place.

Four, set the animation: with the left mouse button in the Custom Animation pane, double-click the "Circular extended animation" that you just created, open the Circle Extension Setup Panel, click Timings, select the start type below, and select "Slow (3 seconds)" to repeat "only to the end of the slide". (see fig. 1) so that "Chang ' e" Can fly around the moon automatically.

V. Draw the running track line: Use the Ellipse tool in AutoShapes to draw an oval shape, resize and position it, overlap the circle Extended animation path, set its fill color to no fill, and set its favorite color and thickness for the line. The last right mouse button clicks "ellipse shape" to perform "stacking order-Move down one layer" command, so that "satellite" on its top along the orbit.

Six, surround Processing: Copy and paste "Moon map", let it and just inserted the "moon map" exactly coincide. Right-click the "Moon map" you just pasted to perform the "Show Picture Toolbar" command, open the Picture toolbar, select the "Crop" command, and trim the "moon map" from the bottom to the appropriate size (see Figure 2) to make "satellite" produce the effect that goes around the back of the moon.

Seven, the animation completes, executes "the slide show-watch the show &RDQ

UO, our "Chang ' E" can also be around the moon!

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