PowerPoint2013 how to draw a hierarchy chart

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1. First, start PowerPoint2013, click the menu Bar--Insert--smartart.

2, pop-up SmartArt dialog box, we select the hierarchy tag, select the first style, click OK.

3. The SmartArt graphic is inserted into the page, and the following text is edited. Enter the name in the box column on the left, general manager, secretary, finance supervisor, sales supervisor, and executive supervisor. If these are not enough to meet our needs, click the Add Shape button and choose Add Orientation.

4, as shown in the following figure, a deeper level of relationship, below, click the Change Color button, modify the color of the SmartArt graphic.

5, then the system will recommend some of the best matching documents, we choose one on the line.

6, you can resize the text in the graphics, so that it more coordinated, not text out of the text box, finished, the effect is as follows:

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