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CloudFlare is the world-famous CDN service provider, its free package is enough to meet the average user. Optimize the load speed of the website, cache the static resources, distribute the content near the local area to protect against the DDoS attack. In short, very good, very honest. But in the celestial many nodes are sealed, its own DNS was sealed, and Google and FB, the same as the end of the people (in fact, we are).

When I looked at CloudFlare's SDK, I found support for Windows platform support Invoke-webrequest, that is, PowerShell, just try to call down, sure enough.

For example, query the site's statistics:

$body = @{
a = ' stats '
tkn = ' 88190c6b06d12a8 '
email = ' mosser@pstips.net '
z = ' pstips.net
' interval =
 $cfResult =invoke-restmethod ' https://www.cloudflare.com/api_json.html '-body $body
 $ CfResult.response.result.objs.trafficBreakdown.uniques | Ft-autosize

The output is:

Regular threat crawler
   4   29

Probably say: Regular visit 4 times, malicious attack 12 times, reptile visit 29 times.

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