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WPS Office 2007 as a domestic office software leader, although temporarily unable to and Microsoft Office 2007 overall contend, but in the ordinary daily use is absolutely enough. Today we look at some of the latest application techniques for WPS Office 2007.

Skill One: Use a good document structure chart

If a long document has a built-in title, table of contents, and other structural styles, you can quickly browse and jump with the help of the document Map, but the feature is not enabled by default, and you can choose left or right to display the document map from the view → Document Map submenu.

This is the effect of choosing "on the left", when you want to view the contents of a section in a long document, select it directly in the document Map, and then the window on the right automatically displays the relevant content, and the default displays all levels, and if you think it's too messy, click the Show Level button. It is convenient to select the level of display you want from the Drop-down menu and then take effect immediately.

Tips Two: A list of recommended flexible applications

If you want to repeatedly enter the same or similar data in a column of data, in the previous version, we can only manually enter or use copy and paste to achieve. WPS Table 2007 adds the "Recommended list" feature for users to use, which has been automatically enabled by default, which is what we have become accustomed to in the memory input function.

If you find this referral list annoying, open the Options dialog box from the Tools menu and switch to the Edit and Display tab, where you can choose to turn off this feature.

Tip Three: Play the presentation in a split screen

For users who often need presentations, the "split-screen playback" feature provided by WPS Demo 2007 can be quite practical. Now the operating system should say that most of the support for multiple monitors, "the" split-screen playback "feature can be found under the slide show → show menu, which enables you to provide an interface to the speaker when the slide is played, while the audience sees the demo.

Using this function, the speaker can more fully use the auxiliary materials to explain the content of the speech, help to better control the presentation of the table beautification more convenient, the first time use will have a dual-screen expansion Mode wizard, according to the wizard prompts to operate.

Tip Four: Activate multilanguage support

If you open the WPS Office 2007 Configuration Tool dialog box, here we can find the newly added "language/locale" tab, where you can replace the menus, dialog boxes, warning boxes, and languages shown in help with the language, but now only "Chinese" A language to choose from.

If you need it, you can download Japanese and English versions from, and after installation will be Office6, templates, Media, help four folders of " 1041 "and" 1033 "directory copied to the corresponding directory in Simplified Chinese, and then can be in Chinese, English, Japanese, the three languages between the free switch, but must restart the program before it takes effect.

Tip Five: Use translation whenever and wherever

We know that Word 2007 provides a very good translation feature, but the "Translate ScreenTips" feature is not enabled by default, you must right-click and choose "Translation → Chinese (China)" or "translation → English (USA)", and Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007 and other components do not have such a feature.

To select any of the components of WPS Office 2007, you can find the "Iciba translator" search box in the upper-right corner of the main interface, enter Chinese or English characters, and click on the translation button on the right to quickly get the relevant results. This way we don't need to switch to a professional third-party translation software or access the relevant pages in a browser to get the translation results directly. Of course, if you still feel dissatisfied, you can go to the official homepage to see more information.

Tip Six: Change picture leave attributes

When you are editing a document, you will typically need to insert a related picture to illustrate it, which can improve the reading effect of your document. However, if you spend a number of time to complete all the relevant edits and settings of the picture, but for some reason need to replace the picture, this will inevitably require the relevant editing and settings, if you need to change the number of pictures, it is really a nasty job.

In fact, WPS Text 2007 provides a very useful feature: change the picture. Right-click the picture you want to replace, as shown in Figure 6, choose Change Picture from the shortcut menu, or select the penultimate button in the Picture toolbar, change picture, and then specify a new picture in the dialog box that pops up, and then replace it with a confirmation, and you can automatically continue the properties of the original picture. Isn't it funny that you don't need your repetitive work at all?

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