Practice Work 2 Person project work

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I. Introduction of the topic

1. Personal Calculator Production

2. Basic subtraction operation is possible

Second, the source of GitHub links


Third, the design of the module test cases, test results

1. Once the booktest is written, it is ready to run. The results of the operation are as follows:

2. You can see the "JUnit" column on the left side of the picture, and there are two more errors inside. But the error is within the expectation.

Cause of the error:

Test results:

Iv. problems and solutions, experience

Through the test of JUNIT4 program module and regression test, I understand that in the course of testing, our test class is a separate class without any parent class, and the name of the test class can be arbitrarily named without any limitations. So we cannot tell by the declaration of the class that it is not a test class, it differs from a normal class in that it is a declaration of its internal methods. It is much easier to test through JUNIT4 during the Java program writing process, reducing the error rate.

Practice Work 2 Person project work

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