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Pre-Typesetting preparation--word 2007 book typesetting Complete Manual

When it comes to the typesetting of books, some people may say that only software such as PageMaker or flying is the software that specializes in typesetting books and making posters. This is not the case, we can use Word, through not very complex operation to achieve the layout requirements of professional publishing books. Here's an example of how you can use Word to make a professional book. This article is in Word 2007 as the operating environment, but also for Word 2000, Word 2003 version, but the interface is slightly different. Before you learn typesetting, be sure to prepare an electronic copy of the text to be manipulated and save it to disk, long enough to have the capacity to eject several pages.

First, the preparation work before typesetting

1. Basic terminology of book typesetting

In order to make a professional book, one must first understand the basic terms of some blind dates and some special provisions in the typesetting of books, in order to ensure that in the next work, according to these rules to make a book that conforms to the norms.

(1) Folio

"Folio" refers to the whole sheet of paper as a number of equal parts, to indicate the size of the book. If you often see a book is 16 Folio, 32 format, that is, the whole sheet of paper into 16 parts, 32 equal.

(2) title page

In the book, the title page refers to the first pages after the cover, printing the title, author, date of publication and so on.

(3) version

Version refers to the book format to remove the surrounding white, place the text and pictures and other content of the middle part, that is, the scope of typesetting.

(4) Layout

Layout refers to the books on each page of the text, illustrations and other arrangements.

(5) Headers and footers

A header is a relatively fixed text, picture, or symbol that appears at the top of each page, and the footer is information that appears at the bottom of each page, such as page numbers, pages, dates, and so on. The header can be set to all the same, or you can set a different Chengchi even page.

2. Import text

Start Word 2007 to automatically create a new document. Then will be entered into the book text content into this new file (generally by a number of people in the chapter entry, to the simultaneous introduction of multiple document content), the specific action is to click the Ribbon "Insert" tab, and then in the text area click Objects The Drop-down button on the right, and then select the text in File option in the Drop-down list, opens the Insert File dialog box. Select the location where you want to save the file, choose Multiple files, and then click the Insert button to insert the contents of the selected file into the new file. After insertion, you may be able to shuffle the order, using the "cut" plus "paste" method to adjust the position.

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