Precautions for computer fault detection

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In the process of computer troubleshooting, many users have made such a mistake, the old fault has not been ruled out, due to human improper operation. Also produced a new fault or expanded the original fault range, so before the detection of some operations must be given enough attention.

Do a good job of data backup

If the computer fails, can still start normally, or can enter Safe mode, it must first be important to back up the data, so even if the failure to further expand the hard drive data loss, there will be no big loss. Otherwise, once the data is lost, it is not easy to recover.

Cut off the Power

Currently ATX power supply has been widely used in computers, it corresponds to the motherboard for ATX Motherboard, this is because the motherboard on the soft shutdown is still +5v power supply voltage, while the internal circuit on the chassis still have a very high induction voltage, in the plug of various cards are prone to burn or breakdown components. In the case of the host charged, the more can not be hot plug, because in addition to USB interface devices, most of the computer card is not yet supported hot plug.

Prevent static electricity

Computer internal integrated chip is very sensitive to static electricity (CMOS chip can withstand electrostatic impulse voltage for 200v,dram, EPROM chip for 300v,ttl chip for 1000V), a little attention may cause integrated chip permanent damage, so in the plug all kinds of cards before, Be sure to put the electrostatic discharge on the hand, otherwise it is very possible to penetrate the integrated chip, especially COMs integrated chip. There are two ways to release static electricity: one is to use an antistatic wrist strap, with a wrist strap on the wrist, the other end firmly connected to the ground, so that static electricity from the human body flow away; second, if there is no anti-static wrist strap, can also be in contact with the chip before the hand on the metal chassis or indoor metal pipe touch, so that the body electrostatic release.

Prepare the tools.

The general maintenance of the computer does not require very complicated tools, ready to 10 screwdriver, a screwdriver, Tape, brush (note not easy to hair), lens swab, hair dryer, absorbent cotton, tweezers, nose pliers, blow balloons, detergent, cleaning plate, paper clips and watch oil and so on. If you need further maintenance, you can prepare soldering iron, tin-absorbing device, Chip starter, multimeter, oscilloscope and so on.

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