Precautions for using Oracle9i Database

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The Oracle HTTP Server in Oracle Database has the following changes:

I. About the Apache JServ Process

The maximum number of Apache JServ processes supported by Oracle HTTP Server has been increased from the default value 25 released by Apache to the maximum value 128. This value cannot be configured in real time.

Ii. JDK/JRE Certification

Oracle is certified to use JDK/JRE 1.3.1 _ 01 and JDK/JRE 1.2.2 _ 07 to establish and configure a Java application with the mod_jserv module.

In version, all Java class libraries (such as bc4j and xdk), together with JDK 1.1.8 _ 10, are loaded and compiled. These compilation classes are certified to run in versions supported by Java JRE and must not be re-compiled.

Iii. Module mod_plsql requirements

To use the mod_plsql module for a specific backend database, you must manually install the Oracle PL/SQL Web Toolkit (owa pl/SQL packages) on a specific backend database. Owa pl/SQL packages should be installed in SYS database mode to ensure that you only install it once. Note that existing Oracle Application Server (OAS) users must replace the old versions of these packages when migrating to Oracle HTTP Server.

For more information about using PL/SQL gateway in Oracle HTTP Server, see http://hostname.domain: Port/pls/admin _/title.htm.

4. Restore the OWA package of the Application Server

When you install the new mod_plsql OWA packages, they are placed in SYS database user mode, which will cause problems for the Application Server (Oracle Application Server) to use the oas pl/SQL cartridge component, if you encounter these problems and want to continue using the PL/SQL cartridge component of OAS, you must recreate some synonyms so that these synonyms can be referenced in the OWA package. Follow these steps to create a synonym for the source database:

1. The sys account is connected to the database in SQL * Plus.

2. Run the following command in SQL * Plus to delete all OWA public synonyms created in the Oracle HTTP Server installation process.

Drop public synonym owa_custom;
Drop public synonym owa_global;
Drop public synonym OWA;
Drop public synonym HTF;
Drop public synonym HTP;
Drop public synonym owa_cookie;
Drop public synonym owa_image;
Drop public synonym owa_opt_lock;
Drop public synonym owa_pattern;
Drop public synonym owa_sec;
Drop public synonym owa_text;
Drop public synonym owa_util;
Drop public synonym owa_init;
Drop public synonym owa_cache;
Drop public synonym wpg_docload;


3. Connect to the OWA package's installation mode oas_public to ensure that the user has the create public synonym permission. If not, manually grant this permission to the user.

4. Run the following commands. This will recreate the OWA public synonym so that it can refer to the OWA package of Oracle Application Server.

Create public synonym owa_custom for owa_custom;
Create public synonym owa_global for owa_custom;
Create public synonym OWA for OWA;
Create public synonym HTF for HTF;
Create public synonym HTP for HTP;
Create public synonym owa_cookie for owa_cookie;
Create public synonym owa_image for owa_image;
Create public synonym owa_opt_lock for owa_opt_lock;
Create public synonym owa_pattern for owa_pattern;
Create public synonym owa_sec for owa_sec;
Create public synonym owa_text for owa_text;
Create public synonym owa_util for owa_util;
Create public synonym owa_init for owa_custom;
Create public synonym owa_cache for owa_cache;
Create public synonym wpg_docload for wpg_docload;


5. Prevent Oracle HTTP Server configuration changes when you reinstall the same Oracle Home Directory

Make sure that you have saved httpd. conf, jserv. conf, zone. properties, and all the copy files of the Oracle HTTP Server configuration file that you have changed. Depending on how you install Oracle9i Version 2 ( in the same home directory as Oracle, these configuration files may be overwritten by news articles.

6. Add memory for Apache JServ applications

If the Apache JServ log file or browser reports "out of memory", the cause is JVM memory overflow, which usually occurs when the data held by JVM exceeds its memory allocation unit. To increase the maximum value of the memory pool allocated to the JVM, follow these steps:

1. Add a line in the file $ ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Jserv/etc/jserv. properties.

Wrapper. bin. Parameters =-mx <size> m


<Size> the unit is mb. The default memory size is 1 MB. We recommend that you use 128 MB for Oracle, and add the following line.

Wrapper. bin. Parameters =-mx128m


2. Restart the Web Server

VII. NLS considerations

1. For mod_plsql

When mod_plsql is configured, the environment variable nls_lang is configured at each web server instance level rather than at the dad level. Make sure that the environment variable nls_lang is correctly configured before starting your Oracle HTTP server instance.

2. For the Oracle PSP (PL/SQL page)

For the Oracle PSP, the environment variable nls_lang must be configured between the PL/SQL Server Page (PSPS) and the database loaded using the loadpsp command line program.

3. Use the JDBC oci8 driver in jserv and OracleJSP

If you connect to the database through the JDBC oci8 drive, you need the appropriate nls_lang settings in the file jserv. properties. For example:

Wrapper. Env = nls_lang = american_america.utf8

8. Configure the listener. ora file for ejbs

In version, the listener. ora file is not configured for Oracle HTTP Server installation to run Enterprise JavaBeans (ejbs). To run ejbs, You need to configure the listener. ora file as follows:

Listener =
(Description_list =
(Description =
(Address_list =
(Address = (Protocol = IPC) (Key = EXTPROC ))
(Address_list =
(Address = (Protocol = IPC) (Key = icache ))
(Address_list =
(Address = (Protocol = TCP) (host = )
(Description =
(Protocol_stack =
(Presentation = GIOP)
(Session = raw)
(Address =
(Protocol = TCP) (host = )
Sid_list_listener =
(Sid_list =
(Sid_desc =
(Sid_name = plsextproc)
(Program = EXTPROC)
(Sid_desc =
(Global_dbname = icache)
(Sid_name = icache)


<Hostname> is the actual host name of your computer, and <ORACLE_HOME> is your Oracle Home directory $ ORACLE_HOME.

9. Restrictions on using Oracle xsu

In version, Oracle xml SQL utility (xsu) does not contain the setencoding method. To download the latest version of xsu that supports encoding, see /.

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