Preliminary understanding of introduction to data structure

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Now that we have come to the age of big data, we have a deeper understanding of the data before we can understand the meaning of the word "data".

Data is all objects that are stored and processed by the computer. With the development of science and technology, the meaning of data has been extended from single value and Boolean value to string, sound and even image, and also represents the rapid development of computer processing ability. The reality of the data are discrete, irregular, if you want to deal with such data, it takes a lot of time and energy is not necessarily able to clear the processing, so the computer in processing such data is the first to collate data, and then processing, so efficient collation data is the structure.

Data structure is the way that computers organize and store data, which is the organization of a group of data that has one or more specific relationships with each other and how they are stored in the computer, as well as a set of actions defined on that group of data. After the scattered data is collated by the data structure, it can be processed, the processing of which is often said to be the operation of the data. From here, data structure is not just a noun, an action, it is the logical structure of data, data storage structure and data of a combination of operations.

The logical structure of data can organize the data from the abstraction height, it reflects the correlation or adjacency relation between the data, and has a guiding effect on the next storage structure. The logical structure usually has 4 kinds of structure: a set, b linear structure, C tree structure, d graph structure.

The storage structure of the data is the implementation of the logical structure in the computer storage, usually has the sequential storage way and the chain storage way, as well as the index storage way and the hash storage way.

The operation of data is in some kind of logical structure, the specific implementation process is what we usually say the algorithm, which is also a core concept of program design, the design of software to carry out stable and efficient operation, very optimized algorithm is very important. The function of the algorithm depends on time complexity and spatial complexity, and the understanding of these two features is an important way to optimize the algorithm.

Through the learning of these knowledge, it is possible to understand that the development of computer science is fundamentally a kind of idea including the promotion of technology, from nothing from weak to strong step by stage, to promote the development of the whole industry and society. Today, the requirements of data and processing in the era of big data is more important, then the next cloud computing, cloud software is not far away from us.

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Preliminary understanding of introduction to data structure

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