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The first step is to prepare an answer file using the Setup Manager tool located on the Windows 2000 Server CD. on another computer, navigate to the/support/tools folder, and extract the contents of the file deploy. cab to a directory of your choice. then, run setupmgr. EXE to start the Windows 2000 Setup Manager wizard.

The Windows 2000 Setup Manager wizard

The next few screens are pretty much self-explanatory. obviusly, you want to create a new answer file for an unattended installation, and the product you are installing is Windows 2000 Server. we want a fully automated installation, so choose this option when you are prompted to do so. the setup manager will then prompt you to accept the terms of the EULA. check the box and proceed to enter your personal information on the next screen. then, choose your licensing mode (see attended Installation Guide) and choose your computer name (s ). after that, select an administrator password. then, configure your display and network settings, workgroup or domain settings, and time zone settings. at this point, you will be given the option to stop or continue with additional settings. the additional settings include telephony, regional settings, ages, browser and shell settings, installation folder, printers, and run-at-Logon commands. if you do not need to modify these settings, select No. otherwise, select YES and alter the settings to your requirements.

The license agreement, network settings, and one of the optional settings

Finally, you will be asked whether you want to create or modify a distribution folder. for this guide I have already completed this step, but if you have not already prepared a distribution folder, the Wizard is a convenient way to do so. it also simplifies the addition of Mass Storage drivers if your computer requires them. if you choose to create a distribution folder, The Wizard will ask you where you want to create it and what share name you want to use. you will also be able to specify your mass storage drivers and hardware modify action layer, and specify additional files to copy as well as programs to run after installation. if you are an OEM setting up computers for someone else, you can also include your own logo for display during the setup process. when all of these options have been decided, the wizard will ask you where you want to place the answer file. for this Guide, choose to place the answer file on the blank floppy, and name it unattend. TXT. the Wizard will then should y you that it has created the answer file as well as a sample batch file for starting setup. clickFinishTo exit the wizard.

Creating or modifying a distribution folder, adding additional drivers, and choosing a filename for your answer file finishing the Setup Manager wizard

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