Presentation: What have I learned from a MS team?

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Topic: What have I learned from a MS team?





  • Communication is very important
  • Teamwork & Cooperation
  • English & Tech.
  • Logic ability, think clearly
  • Responsibility
  • Keep learning
  • Share


Communication is very important

  • Why it matters?

-It's the way to get the information that you need.

-It's also the way to share/tell what you know.

  • Extensively speaking, communication is everything.



Good communication

  • -It's critical when development a production.
    -It saves your time a lot ..... Etc.
    -In reality, different people have the diff. ways to communicate, and you need find your best way.


  • Teamwork is important.
    -One person is small, but put all together, then strong.
    -Software Development doesn' t need hero.
    -You are not alone, you have teammates.

My definition of the team:

A team is a placeShare
,LearnFrom each other


  • Teamwork & Cooperation
    -- Cooperation is the base stone of teamwork.
    -It's not a team without cooperation.
    -Cooperation needs good communication.
    -When you are co-work with someone, think for him/She.



Teamwork & Cooperation


English & Tech.

  • How to Improve English?
    -Build your own vocabulary/sentences/articles.
    -Practice makes perfect.
    -Be patient and confident
  • Useful Resources:
    ✓ Http://
    ¢ VOA
    ¢ NPR
  • Practice, practice and practice


  • Technology is not perpetual.
    -Grasp the way of how to learn the technology.
    -Take in the method of how to solve the tech. Issue.
    -The key is the way



  • ¢ Undeniably, being logical is necessary for a software engineer.
  • ¢ Think clearly
    -Indenied the key factor
    -Find the way of how to solve/implement the issue/Requirement
  • Please write down the things you know
    -This will help you to be logical



Be responsible for your work.
-Explain, debug, fix, maintenance
-Be responsible for yourself.


Keep learning extends lifelong learning
-There is always something worth to learn.
-Learning, then grow


-- I have something you don't know;
-- You have something I don't know;
-- If share, we both know.
-- Share is a way to keep learning efficiently.


Maybe, it's the time for you to tell me what you have learned?







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