Prevent the download of Network Analysis Software for document plagiarism

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Many Blogger have encountered plagiarism in their articles. In order to enable you to quickly find out the attacker who maliciously reprinted the record, I follow some principles of the search engine, using the data of Baidu search engine, we developed an address that can automatically analyze and find CC attacks that have "substantial damage" to themselves.

This is an independent executable program. It is completely free. It is based on the ACCESS database and currently supports the Z-Blog system. In fact, it is very easy to support other ASP Blog modifications, if necessary, contact me. (Note: how to use other Blog programs: first create an Access file, and then create a table named blog_Article. The log_ID and log_Title fields are added to the table, and log_ID is automatically numbered, log_Title is the title of the article, and then copy the title of the article on your Blog, an article corresponds to a record, just copy the title, and then select this database in this program)

Data Mining is implemented directly by calling the search engine. I originally intended to use Java to call the Google soap api. However, for some reason, Google soap api does not have any problem in English search. If I search Chinese, an array is thrown out of bounds and I do not know why. I had to call Baidu's search engine.

Baidu's search engine does not have an API, but I still have a way to call it indirectly. During the call, I found that there was no problem or error in Chinese, and the program was successfully called.

I used the concept of "physical damage" when searching, because there are many reposted articles, and it is very troublesome to get rid of them. Therefore, we only need to look for the worst cases. This can be achieved through the search engine ranking. Find only the address that has the worst impact on the original article.

This program is easy to use. First select the database file, then select the Z-Blog system, enter your own domain name, and click search to start execution. After the search is completed, a file named list.txt is automatically generated, which is the search result. This program will misjudge some titles, and it is better to have more personalized titles. The interface of the software does not look very good, because I do not have an artist.

Click to download software: Repost searcher

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