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The day before yesterday, I met a software called prezi, which made me unable to sleep at night. With this software, I could easily make a disruptive presentation briefing, let's take a look at the finished products I spent a day working on (there will be a sharing to be done tomorrow ):


More amazing samples: Official Site

If I was shocked by such a briefing like me, I could try it for half an hour. Next I will share with you how to get started on this day.

1. overall impression

The prezi mode is different from the PPT mode. a ppt uses a slide to concatenate the content of your speech. Therefore, these slide are flat relationships, the logical structure relationships between them can only be clearly stated through text. However, prezi uses only one page to load all your content, but its page can be drilled and zoomed in without restriction, and the content you want to talk about can be continuously refined at any position on the page. In this way, the logic structure of the briefing can be organized through some very visual icons, and then coupled with a very smooth switch, to produce a film display effect. This mode immediately brings the following advantages over PPT:

  • Smooth display, no longer simple slide Switching
  • Free Structure organization, no longer rely on the Agenda page to constantly remind
  • Add details to any degree, infinitely magnified, and don't worry about pages full of Text
  • Internet-based production models allow you to freely integrate network resources

In my opinion, the key to briefing is the logical structure and visualization. prezi's strength lies in these two points, which may be the reason why I fell in love with it immediately.

2. System Installation

Prezi can be created in two modes: online and offline. Online is made on a webpage without any Software downloading. offline is created based on prezi desktop and can be created and demonstrated in case of network disconnection, of course, it can also be uploaded to the Internet. Prezi desktop costs money, and the price is not cheap. The first time you register, you need to show your credit card and other payment information, which is unacceptable to many Chinese people. But it takes care of education, so it is very cost-effective to register with the EDU mailbox, do not need to show a credit card, not in school can use Domain = to register a free Edu mailbox.

3. Step 1: select a template

Prezi itself provides some templates, which is sufficient for beginners. The prezi template is different from the PPT template. The template of the PPT only determines the structure of the template, but the template of the prezi determines the structure. Therefore, you must select a template that fits the briefing logic structure:

The topic I shared this time is to compare the two technical solutions teamforge and Alm Ali, so the following template is adopted:

Of course, there are also many templates available for download on the Internet, which must be collected by everyone.

4. Step 2: Find out the core components of prezi

All the content of the entire briefing is on a canvas. The logical structure and presentation process are organized by different components, and there are not many core components of prezi, however, various effects are achieved by flexibly combining these components:

  • Frame: a page equivalent to a PPT, so it is the organizational unit of the series demonstration process.
  • Path: the sequence of frames in the demo is organized by path.
  • Text: click in the blank area to add text
  • Pluggable parts: In addition to text, we also need images, videos, files, and structure charts to express our content.

A prezi briefing is organized through the above four elements, so this is the root cause of its simplicity.

5. Step 3: Production Process

Generally, create a prezi briefing based on the following process:

  1. Add frames on the template
  2. Add a path to the frame and confirm the entire process.
  3. Add text and pluggable parts to the frame to organize content
  4. If you need further refinement, You can nest a frame anywhere in the frame.

6. Step 4: Operation Panel

The key to editing content on seemingly messy pages is to master the prezi Operation Panel. You can edit and demonstrate the following operations with ease:

  • Zoom in/out: Scroll the mouse axis
  • Select a widget: Click the approximate orientation of the widget on the map in the upper left corner, and then zoom in or out to select the widget in the appropriate size.
  • Edit: select a widget and click it, as shown in:

    Click the lower-right corner to edit the content. In the middle, click the layout of the part to be dragged. in the upper and lower corner, the size of the part is the size of the part to be edited, and the arc is the rotating part.
  • Move view: drag the canvas
  • Drill the widget details in the show: Click the widget to zoom in to the desired size, and press the arrow key to go back to the preview.
  • Select Multiple widgets: Hold down SHIFT and drag them with the left button

7. Step 5: Use more images

Because prezi has infinite amplification, high-quality images have a strong performance in prezi. For example, I want to present features of the software in this briefing, therefore, you can insert software into each frame. During the demonstration, you can see the thumbnail and zoom in the demo when explaining the details. The effect is very good. Even a large piece of code can be displayed in a way. Therefore, in prezi, there are far more pictures than texts, which is in line with the principles of briefing.

8. Step 6: cooperate with the speech

The prezi briefing is not a text used to edit the content, but a tool used to assist in the speech. Its screening is not a simple click Next, but a part to be refined in concert with the speech, we have to go back to the mainstream process. Therefore, we must give more drills before the speech. Otherwise, we may be confused. In short, the briefing is not an aim, it's just a means to make your speech clearer and more exciting.

After completing the preceding steps, you can make a briefing at the beginning of the article within one day. It is worth trying.

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