Primary Application of needle PKM: How many hours should the needle PKM be used every day?

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Registered users of the dot matrix PKM: Desperate dumb. In today's interaction, I said:
I use this software for more than 8 hours every day.

Here, I will also share my own usage of the dot matrix PKM:

1. Ideas and sparks
Record all related ideas and sparks with text files. After a while, let's look at the perfect and unrealistic things and move them to other categories. After a year, we will delete them.

2. Newly created document
In general, the file types such as Word, powpoint, and Excel are directly created in the system, and add the corresponding category (you can select or select from the knowledge point before you can create the file type). For non-direct file types, first place the file on the desktop, close the document, and then drag it to the matrix PKM.

3. timely archiving of collected data
If you want to learn more about the information you see on the Internet, you can use a floating window to collect it to the knowledge base. Generally, I will open the knowledge point immediately and check whether the font and format need to be modified in word, meet your reading habits.

It is easier to find and use places such as learning and solving problems.
(Knowledge, money, and so on are usually accumulated over time, just like tianyao grinding into a needle, it will lead to qualitative changes !)

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