Prime number Gold suit (one side 1h30min) (get offer) block chain development __ block chain

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Interviewers are not like the previous interview from the Point and face, but by the face and point. First from the internship project started a question, from why to do so to draw out the principle of implementation, and then according to the project background to propose the scene, asked me to do the corresponding optimization, and then put forward abnormal scene, ask how to ensure high availability. For example, the network disconnection, when accessing the database, the application occurs Oom, causes the cache not to refresh and so on.
Relying on the Redis,nginx source and the computer base barely struggling to support. Answer a variety of hyperlinks, timeout retransmission, ACK authentication, background process, such as regular synchronization and so reluctantly to cope with the past.
How to ask a variety of system design, such as how the second kill system is designed, and then still how to maintain high availability, consistency, cap or whatever.
Finally asked the reasons for the resignation and entry time, introduced the business, technology stacks and the company's future has two of forms.

Interview Evaluation: A very unique interview, the interviewer technical skills, will be based on your ability to ask questions, and will discuss the reliability of the solution with you, will evaluate your design, and make suggestions for improvement. Rarely, you can improve your level of posture by interviewing.

Results: The next day to get offer,hr to telephone chat for a long time, the treatment in Chengdu is quite competitive.

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