Principle of four-wheel positioning and station building

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Have you ever seen a car repair? When a car is pulled into the shed, the car is fastened to a position. The operator fixes it, then repairs it, and they call it--four-wheel positioning.

What we cannot ignore is that there are also such phenomena in the operation of the construction station, your website, your website theme to need to repair, in this situation, also need to put your website theme of the car into, positioning it, so four-wheel positioning is a kind of web site renovation maintenance-type work, The exact expression is: when the theme of your website appears to be in some degree of crisis, when the subject appears difficult, an analysis tool for the whole process of operation.

What you need in the end is a feature of your own theme! Copy is not honest

It adapts to the theme of crisis, not the theme of growth, nor the theme of prosperity.

It's just an analytical tool, not the last thing to solve.

It is a methodology, not a worldview.

The website theme is a car (refer to some network data)

Often we feel that a website because has a hot topic and is widely known by netizens, a website because has a well-known theme and spread around. A good example, mobile phone special station, has been the ferry plucked hair, but almost most of the oil are aware of this station, that is what reason, is because of the bright and practical theme behind the incomparable hidden value charm. At this point, it is also the motivation of the website. Copy is not honest

Often feel like this: the theme is like a carriage, shouldering the mission of the site around Mercedes.

Of course, even the car has to be repaired, the carriage is also tired when the site does not re-examine the positioning and strategy of the time?

But what we are seeing is that the station has delayed the ideal or the time to re-examine the subject for various reasons or for that reason, most web site building in the rapid completion of the accumulation of content, do not want to develop, but chasing a larger collection and flow, or even excessive web site advertising profits, and this is just a stupid way , because his site is already terminally ill.

One of the issues involved here is the relationship between the website and the theme, is it a one-stop or a one-stop problem? It's just a formality,

The question of one-stop and one-stop strategy for building a station has long been discussed.

This is not the crux of the problem. What is the crux of the problem? Copy is not honest

Most webmasters are not aware of their own crisis, this is the key.

That being the case, we might as well start from the establishment of the station to look at the site positioning work. Copy is not honest

I. Pre-location of website operation

When a site is in the initial stage of development, that is, the theme of the formation of the stage, it may be fragile, is naïve, in the survival of the fittest network choice, survive the site must have the same kind of site in some aspects of the lack of advantages.

Positioning is so formed at that time--find out the reason why successful websites can succeed, form their own strategic positioning, and then form their own expansion of capital.

Since it is naïve, it is understandable, because in the early stage of any construction station, what is done is to enrich the content of the work, no work can be divorced from this theme and center.

It is impractical for anyone to talk about positioning.

At this time the positioning is vague, but also naïve.

From this point of view, the site of the initial location to do garbage station is not the future of the copy is not honest

Second, the strategic positioning of the website operation

Network Information Age, the initial site is very simple, when there are hot content on the network to do what content, in the Lucky network operation, the site to make money, began to blindly expand, such examples are rare.

It is also the site owners from the reluctant to spend time to study their positioning strategy, study their own what to do, what is suitable for, their reason is, rather spend time to study spiders, research included, and then decide what content. Of course, search needs research, included also need to study, but not what the network needs, you can do what.

In the new network competition, should study what I fit or what I can do.

And this is currently the majority of the site is missing, is why the current network trend, most sites why can only survive three to five years of reason. Copy is not honest

Three, full load of the subject should rest.

The value will not grow without limit, the website theme should also adjust at any time.

Site girder in the hands of webmaster, from the beginning of the site to the brand growth, to the site in the mature stage, said naïve point, a lot of the site in the same static insist on their own a position, a proposition, a strategy, a goal.

The market is changing rapidly, the elimination of the affirmation is the same idea.

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