Print characters are not fully printed characters are not clear

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Print characters are not fully printed characters are not clear

For inkjet printers, there may be two reasons, ink cartridges, printer for a long time without or exposure to direct sunlight caused the nozzle plug.

The solution is to replace the new cartridge or ink, if the cartridge is not used up, you can conclude that the nozzle is blocked:

Remove cartridge (for ink cartridge nozzle is not one printer, need to remove the nozzle), put the nozzle in warm water soak for a while, pay attention to the circuit board must not be part of the immersion, otherwise disastrous consequences.

For stylus printers, there may be several reasons: the printing ribbon is used too long, the printhead has not been cleaned for a long time, too much dirt, there is a broken needle in the print head, and a faulty print head drive circuit.

The solution is to adjust the print head and print roll between the spacing, failure can not be ruled out, you may change the new ribbon, if not, you need to clean the print head.

The method is: remove two fixed screws on the print head, take off the print head, with the needle or small hook to clear print head, after the inclusion of dirty, generally is a long time to accumulate ribbon fibers.

And then in the back of the print head to see where the needle drops a few drops of instrument oil, to remove some dirty, do not install color belt empty dozen pieces of paper, and then put the color belt.

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