Printer four kinds of paper feed fault Common processing method _ hardware Maintenance

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Printer 4 paper Feed fault handling

Printer in the frequent use of the process, often appear unable to deal with paper failures, most of the paper folder, not into paper, one time into multiple pages of paper and other phenomena such as random paper. What should we do after these failures?

The workaround is as follows:

One, the printer paper folder is extremely solution.

1, printing paper surface is flat. If the printer paper folder phenomenon, first of all, should look at the surface of the paper is flat, if there is the phenomenon of sheet curl or folding, it is best to change the surface of the smooth, smooth paper, and ensure that the surface can not have similar adhesive glue.

2, the paper is too thin or too much. must ensure that the paper quality is over 60 grams, the paper is too thin will cause the printer to be difficult to walk, easy to cause printer folder. And the printing paper cannot be too thick at once.

3, paper roll wear. The paper roller is the most easily worn part of laser printing. When the paper plate inside the normal, and can not take paper, often is the paper roll wear or spring loose. There is not enough pressure to feed the paper into the machine. Paper roll wear, can not be replaced for a while, can be wound rubber band method for emergency treatment. After winding the rubber band, the friction of rubbing paper is increased, and the paper can return to normal.


4, other. Sheng Paper plate installation is not good, poor quality of paper (too thin, too thick, damp), etc., may also cause paper jam or can not be taken out of the fault.

Second, the reasons for the paper and solutions.

1, printing paper into too much. First check whether the installation of printing paper meets the standard, such as whether the loading position has exceeded the printer left Guide arrow mark, if more than, you must reduce the paper.

2, foreign body blockage. See if there is any foreign matter inside the printer, for example, if there is paper jam in the printer, it will lead to the phenomenon of paper. If there is a foreign body, it must be excluded, the exclusion must be the first printer power off, and then carefully remove foreign objects. If you remove the clip paper, you must be in the direction of the paper clip slowly pull out, remove the paper folder to check whether there is residue of paper, and to ensure that the scrap paper also clean.

3. Printing paper is wet. If the use of paper storage time is too long, and the surface has a sense of damp, there may be the phenomenon of not feed, at this time we have to do is to dry print.

4. Whether the ink is out of use. If you are using an inkjet printer, the LEDs for the black ink cartridge or color cartridge are flashing or the prompt ink is about to run out. If the cartridge is empty, the printer will not be able to feed.

三、一次 into multi-page paper for 4 reasons.

1. The position of the printing paper. Incorrect placement of the paper will lead to the occurrence of multiple pages, the correct paper height can not be higher than the paper groove on the left side of the arrow signs; second, check the printer to see if the specifications meet the requirements: the weight of 60~180 paper to meet the requirements, and less than 60 grams of ultra-thin printing paper, It is very easy to appear at the same time multiple paper feed phenomenon.

2. The degree of curl on the surface of the printing paper. Curl is also caused by the occurrence of multiple pages, to ensure that the printing paper surface smooth, if a little curl, you can find a way to flatten it.

3. The effect of electrostatic induction. Electrostatic induction will also cause the phenomenon of multiple pages, must be installed before the paper, the printing paper to fan out, to ensure that each sheet can be separated separately, and then the correct way to load the paper into the guide slot.

4, the position of the adjustment bar. For a printer with paper thickness adjustment, it is important to adjust the position of the adjusting lever. When using different paper, the position of the paper thickness adjustment bar is not the same, for example, in the use of regular thickness of the printer, the position of the adjustment bar must be set to "0". Of course, different printers on the adjustment bar adjustment standards are not the same, the best reference to the manual.

Four, the printer disorderly walk paper.

When you print to a page, suddenly empty a piece of paper, and then automatically print. This is often the printer used for a long time, paper detection switch contacts due to wear and dust into the bad contact, causing the printer to make the wrong judgment. Open the printer, find the paper detection switch with alcohol carefully clean, can return to normal.

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