Pritesheet elf Animation engine

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Pritesheet elf Animation engine

This paper introduces the performance comparison of Spritesheet sprite sequence diagram and other rendering modes in Flash, the principle of spritesheet and realization, finally realizes the rendering engine of a sprite sequence diagram. This Spritesheet engine and demo can be downloaded on GitHub: Https:// Animation Rendering Performance Comparison

There are many ways to animate in flash, such as vector animation, bitmap frame animation, Sprite sequence diagram, and so on. For different production methods, the same character animation is tested as follows: A character displays 5 instances on the screen, corresponding to breathing, casting, walking, wounding, and general attack status.

Environment for Test run:

L Release version of Flash Player

L AMD Phenom (tm) II X4 830 Processor (2800 Mhz)

L Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (32-bit)

The results of the test are shown in the table below, in order to conserve the size of the bitmap used in the resource is PNG8.

Table 1: Comparison of different animation rendering efficiency (specific test data related to the resources used)

Rendering method



Memory (KB)

File Size (KB)

Time axis





Vector +cacheasbitmap








Bitmap + Export Class




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