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Problem Collection posts Network Forum full package download address (including all patches) Dvbbs7.1.0_ac.exe

Dynamic Network Forum full package download address (including all patches) Dvbbs7.1.0_ac.exe
Dynamic Network Forum [05.23] update patch download Address Q20060430.exe (with important updates)

  1. Why I used 5.1 of the update, can not play multimedia files, become garbled?
    Enter Forum background--Basic settings--System setup
    The Script extension filter setting contains a filter for "object" or "EMBED", which can now be removed because the new mechanism has filtered it and changed it to 0.
  2. Why do I have a super link in my quick response to the post that has no content when I submit it?
    Answer: Because you are using the update file of number 30th, please download the update package again to eliminate this error, note: If you find the problem is not resolved after the update, please delete your IE temporary file and try again, because the JS script file is cached by your IE, you may still use the old JS script.
  3. Now the post shows "[conforming to the XHML specification (UBB version: 2006-5-23)]", what does the word mean?
    Answer: Edit dv_ubbcode.asp The tenth line around you can see:
    Does Rem let the administrator see if the posts are in XHTML format
    Const showisxhtml=1
    Set to 0, const showisxhtml=1 change to const showisxhtml=0
  4. After the update, the background user data permissions are not open
    Error Tip:
    Could not find the include file ' ... /dv_dpo/cls_dvapi.asp '.
    This is because of the new addition of the consolidated module, the lack of files.
    Please download the full package of the Dynamic Network forum (already contains all patches), the inside DV_DPO related to all the files and directories uploaded to the space can be.
  5. Reg.asp cannot display advanced options!
    Original template local error, please download the latest template database to import again in overwrite mode.
  6. Object "or" EMBED "filter:: Remove can't play '?
    Need to bulk update user group permissions, set method see dispbbs.asp?boardid=8&id=1190703&page=1
  7. Why did the audit mechanism expire after the patch was updated?
    Now need to open the audit of the layout, if the audit closed, naturally invalid. Open method: In the background layout of the advanced settings, set the post audit system for open.
  8. Why is the signature picture huge?
    If you are using a third party template, there is an opportunity to have such a problem if you are updated before 11th, you can modify Inc/main.js to find
    function Imgresize (o) {
    var Parentnode=o.parentnode.parentnode
    if (parentnode) {
    if (o.offsetwidth>=parentnode.offsetwidth) ' 98% ';
    var Parentnode=o.parentnode
    if (parentnode) {
    if (o.offsetwidth>=parentnode.offsetwidth) ' 98% ';
    Amended to
    function Imgresize (o) {
    if (O.width > 500) { ' 500px ';
    if (O.height > 800) { ' 800px ';

    If you are updated in 05.11 after the Main.js file can be set to display the picture mode, below to see how to set the Open file Inc\main.js file, find
    var resizemode= 1
    var resizemode= 2
  9. Dynamic network recently updated frequently, I am also DVBBS7.1.0SP1, the last update date is a certain year of the day, how to update to the latest version?
    In fact, it is not difficult to download the full package (this package contains all the patches, if you are dv7.0 or dv7.1 users, and never upgraded to DVBBS7.1.0SP1, please download the upgrade program )
    After decompression, open the folder, view the details, and then sort by the modified date
    Will ( one month a month- 2006.05.10) between the file upload all, update on it, this date before the file can not upload
    Finally remember to update the template
    Download Dynamic Network official default style
    In the background, the way to import style is covered
  10. Previous signature of the picture with the mouse click can not be pop-up from the new window, how can now?
    inc/dv_ubbcode.asp file, find
    S=re.replace (S, "JavaScript: (THIS.SRC);" /> ")
    You can either add single quotes to the beginning of the line or delete the row.
  11. how do I allow a specified group of users to post with <div style= "..." ></div> special effects?
    inc/dv_ubbcode.asp file found
    Const can_post_style= "1,2,3"
    increase specified user Group IDs
    If you want to use this special effect for all user groups, you only need to find
    If InStr ("," & Can_post_style &, ",", "," & Postusergroup & ",") = 0 Then
    change to
    If CLng (postusergroup) > Then
  12. Why is the signature picture too high to show only one part after updating the patch?
    Deliberately made this limit, otherwise if someone used 50*8000 "Ruyi divine" to do the forum signature, the scene is quite spectacular (this sentence should be by the song Dandan Effect better)
    Oh, joking finished, if you want to change this limit to the background template Page_dispbbs template.html (0), find
    function Fixheight (objname) {
    var Obj=document.getelementbyid (objname);
    if (obj) {
    if (obj.offsetheight> ) { ' hidden '; ' px ';
    The number 300 on the inside can be changed.
  13. How does the new version not support CSS filter effects?
    Why I send a text, using a filter, the expected effect is
    1066);if (this.height>1600) (this.width*4220)/this.height; "Border=0>
    But after publication, the actual effect becomes
    1066);if (this.height>1600) (this.width*4220)/this.height; "Border=0>

    The code for the example above is as follows:

    <table style= "table-layout:fixed; Word-break:break-all "height=" 85% "width=" Align=center border=0>
    <TD style= "FONT-SIZE:9PT; line-height:12pt "Valign=top width=* height=" 100% "><font style=" FONT-SIZE:100PT; Filter:shadow (color= #6BA25E, strength=20,direction=45); width:100%; COLOR: #ff0000; line-height:150% "><B> network pioneer </B></FONT></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
    The red part is the effect of the filter.
    Workaround: This is because we have adopted a newer Web page specification, and the new specification no longer supports IE's filter effects.
    If you want to keep this effect, you must remove the original document type declaration.
    Edit Dispbbs.asp Find
    Response.Write Dvbbs.mainhtml (18)
    (about 20 lines) removed or shielded.
    Then you look at your post, and you can support the filter effect.    
  14. since SP1 has stopped supporting mouse scrolling zooming in and out of the picture, how can you keep this function available?
    inc\dv_ubbcode.asp file found
          REM Whether to turn on the wheel to change the size of the picture, if you do not need to be able to mask the
         Rem Node.attributes.setNamedItem (Xml.createnode 2 , "OnMouseWheel", "")). text= "Return bbimg (this);"
    Change to
         Rem whether to turn on the wheel to change the size of the picture, if you do not need to be able to mask the
    &nbs p;    Node.attributes.setNamedItem (Xml.createnode (2, "OnMouseWheel", "")). text= "Return bbimg (this);"
    This allows you to continue using the mouse to zoom out of the picture
  15. Complement declaration: Set picture display mode in Main.js file
    The forum has been used to automatically shrink the large picture mode, otherwise too large picture, as shown, some friends often mention, the picture to reduce the display, the picture on the right side of the blank place too large, it seems to affect the visual.
    05.11 updated Main.js file can set the display mode of the picture, below to see how to set
    Open file Inc\main.js file, find
    var resizemode= 1
    Change the number here, when set to 1 o'clock, the picture automatically adapts to the window, so you can avoid the picture to the right of the blank area (the default setting is 1)
    When set to 2 o'clock, the picture is displayed in the old mode, and the picture is reduced to a fixed size of about 500 pixels wide.
  16. What is the reason that the data you submitted is not appropriate (the XHTML format must be submitted)?
    Reply: Have you updated the four JS files under the Images\post directory? No, please update.
    If this is the case after the update, please clear the IE temporary file (ie use the old file) in IE properties.
    If not, it should be to check whether you copied the content, if it is please clean up the code to send again.

  17. Why update after the Purge Code tool 1066);if (this.height>1600) (this.width*4220)/this.height; " Border=0>, why isn't it working?
    Open the Images/post directory, locate the Dhtmledit.js file, and locate the following code:

    function Dvbbs_cleancode_old ()
    var Editor=iframeid;
    Editor.focus ();
    if (DVBBS_BISIE5) {
    0bject based Cleaning
    var body = Editor.document.body;
    for (var index = 0; index < body.all.length; index++) {
    tag = Body.all[index];
    *if (tag. attribute["ClassName"].indexof ("MSO") >-1)
    Tag.removeattribute ("ClassName", "" ", 0);
    Tag.removeattribute ("Style", "" ", 0);
    Regex based Cleaning
    var html = Editor.document.body.innerHTML;
    html = html.replace (/\<p>/gi, "[$p]");
    html = html.replace (/\<\/p>/gi, "[$\/p]");
    html = html.replace (/\<br>/gi, "[$BR]");
    html = html.replace (/\<[^>]*>/g, ""); Filter all other "<...>" labels
    html = html.replace (/\[\ $p \]/gi, "<p>");
    html = html.replace (/\[\$\/p\]/gi, "<\/p>");
    html = html.replace (/\[\ $br \]/gi, "<br>");
    Editor.document.body.innerHTML = html;
    var html = IframeID.document.body.ownerDocument.createRange ();
    Html.selectnodecontents (IframeID.document.body);
    IframeID.document.body.innerHTML = Html.tostring ();

    Replace the anti-white display with the following red code (both pieces of code are found in this file)

    function Dvbbs_cleancode () {
    var Editor=iframeid;
    Editor.focus ();
    Editor.document.body.innerhtml= oswebxhtml. Getxhtml (Editor.document.body);

    This black white display code is also substituted for the images/post/reply.js file in the same way as above.
    or directly download my modified file, upload to your forum images/post directory, replace the corresponding file on it.
    1066);if (this.height>1600) (this.width*4220)/this.height; "Border=0> Click here to browse the file (file revision sync with official 2006.05.23 update)

Teach you how to bulk Modify user group permissions

The latest dvbbs7.1 user group has added the "Direct display of online Multimedia playback tab" permission.
Because this permission is open there are some dangers, so. This permission is closed by default.
If you do not open this permission, you cannot play multimedia files online.
Many friends of this permission to modify the operation is not familiar with, now we will be "whether direct display of online multimedia playback label" batch modification as an example to illustrate how to bulk Modify user group permissions.
First, go backstage. Point "
Forum user Group (level) management " into the following interface

1066);if (this.height>1600) (this.width*4220)/this.height; "Border=0>

Select the System user group management inside the Admin group point of the corresponding row of editors to enter the following interface.

1066);if (this.height>1600) (this.width*4220)/this.height; "Border=0>
The Other Permissions button on the point above you can see this page.

1066);if (this.height>1600) (this.width*4220)/this.height; "Border=0>

Change the "show online multimedia playback labels directly" item is set to Yes, and the check box on the left is hooked.

1066);if (this.height>1600) (this.width*4220)/this.height; "Border=0>

Then go back to the top of the page and select the User Group button to see the following page.
1066);if (this.height>1600) (this.width*4220)/this.height; "Border=0>

Press CTRL key to select multiple user groups with the mouse

1066);if (this.height>1600) (this.width*4220)/this.height; "Border=0>

The proposal is selected except for the novice on the road.
Then go to the bottom of the page, as determined in the lower-left corner of the diagram

1066);if (this.height>1600) (this.width*4220)/this.height; "Border=0>

Press the Submit button to save the settings.

At this point, the user group you have selected can be directly sent to the online broadcast multimedia files.

One thing to be aware of, because each layout has a set of whether to open the multimedia tag, if this is closed, although the user group has permission to use multimedia tags, but because the layout is not open, so it is still unable to play directly.

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