Problems and solutions of CRM concurrency

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CRM2011 to delete and add operations will be automatically judged, such as a open record x,b also open the record x, then B deleted the record x,a to update the words will be prompted. The update is the latter covering the former, such as a open record x,b open record x, then b update the field Y in record X to 3, then click Save, A to update the field Y to 5 save, and the last 5 will cover 3. The problem with this log is that when a changes to 5 you want to save the prompt record X has been updated at some point in time, if you continue to save will overwrite the record, otherwise discard save.

With JS complete the entire verification, and then register the form of the onload and OnSave to achieve the goal, of course, add jquery and Json2 two JS class library

On JS First

var previousmodificationdateonload;
var ServerURL = Xrm.Page.context.getServerUrl ();
var ServerURL = document.location.protocol + "//" + + "/" + Xrm.Page.context.getOrgUniqueName ();
var odata_endpoint = "/xrmservices/2011/organizationdata.svc";
var RecordID;
var entityname;
    function Getpreviousmodificationdate () {RecordID = (). Replace (' {', '). Replace ('} ', ');
    EntityName = () + "Set";
    Previousmodificationdateonload = new Date (); Retrieverecord (Recordid,entityname, function (data) {previousmodificationdateonload = data.
    Previousmodificationdateonload = new Date (parseint (/\/date\ (\d+). */.exec (Previousmodificationdateonload) [1]));
    },null, false);
alert (previousmodificationdateonload);
    function Validateconcurrency (executionobj) {if (Xrm.Page.ui.getFormType () ==1) {return; } var previousmodificationdateonsave, previousmodifIedbyonsave; Retrieverecord (Recordid,entityname, function (data) {Previousmodificationdateonsave = data.
        alert (Previousmodificationdateonsave); Previousmodifiedbyonsave = data.;
        alert (Previousmodifiedbyonsave); Change timestamp to date format Previousmodificationdateonsave = new Date (parseint/\/date\ (\d+). */.exec (Previ
        Ousmodificationdateonsave) [1])); Alert (previousmodificationdateonload + "\ n" +previousmodificationdateonsave) if (Previousmodificationdateonload &L T Previousmodificationdateonsave) {var continuesave = confirm ("The record is recently modified by" +PR Eviousmodifiedbyonsave+ "on" + Previousmodificationdateonsave + ". If you are chose to save this record you'll overwrite the recent changes made by "+ Previousmodifiedbyonsave
            + "\nare you sure for your want to save this record");
      if (!continuesave) {          Executionobj.geteventargs (). Preventdefault ();
            Event.returnvalue = false;
    }//previousmodificationdateonload = Previousmodificationdateonsave;
},null, false); function Retrieverecord (ID, Odatasetname,successcallback, errorcallback, ASync) {if (Async==null | | async==unde
    Fined) {ASync = true;
    }//alert (ServerURL +odata_endpoint + "/+odatasetname+" (GUID ' +id+ ') "); $.ajax ({type: "Get", ContentType: "Application/json;charset=utf-8", DataType: "JSON", Async: ASync, Url:serverurl +odata_endpoint + "/+odatasetname+" (GUID ' "+id+") ", Beforesend:function (xmlhttpreques
        T) {Xmlhttprequest.setrequestheader ("Accept", "Application/json"); }, Success:function (data,textstatus,xmlhttprequest) {if (successcallback) {SUCCESSCALLB
         ACK (data.d,textstatus,xmlhttprequest);   }, Error:function (Xmlhttprequest,textstatus,errorthrown) {alert ("error");
            if (errorcallback) {errorcallback (Xmlhttprequest,textstatus,errorthrown);
    }); }

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