Problems detected by an LED flashing problem in the MTK led driver

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Today according to the latest demand to the LED light flashing frequency changes, the default 2000ms to 10000ms, but after the change did not produce the expected effect, but into a constant, baffled its solution, and finally read the fucking code, from the top layer , all the way to chase down, finally found the problem, the following directly on the MTK led driver code:

#define PMIC_PERIOD_NUM 9//* PERIOD, ex:0.01 Hz-0.01 * (1int pmic_period_array[] = {250,500,1000,1250,166 6,2000,2500,10000};//int pmic_freqsel_array[] = {99999, 9999, 4999, 1999, 999, 499, 199, 4, 0};int pmic_freqsel_array[] = {0, 4, 199, 499, 999, 1999, 1999, 1999};static int find_time_index_pmic (int time_ms) {int i;for (i=0;i<pmic_period_num;i + +) {if (Time_ms<=pmic_period_array[i]) {return i;} else {continue;}} return pmic_period_num-1;} int mt_led_blink_pmic (enum mt65xx_led_pmic pmic_type, struct nled_setting* led) {int Time_index = 0;int duty = 0; Leds_debug ("[led]led_blink_pmic:pmic_type=%d\n", Pmic_type); if (Pmic_type! = mt65xx_led_pmic_nled_isink0 & & pmic_type!= mt65xx_led_pmic_nled_isink1 &&pmic_type!= mt65xx_led_pmic_nled_isink2 && pmic_type ! = Mt65xx_led_pmic_nled_isink3) | | Led->nled_mode! = nled_blink) {return-1;} Leds_debug ("[led]led blink on time =%d Offtime =%d\n", led->blink_on_time,led->blink_off_time); Time_index = fiNd_time_index_pmic (Led->blink_on_time + led->blink_off_time); Leds_debug ("[led]led index is%d freqsel=%d\n", Time_index, Pmic_freqsel_array[time_index]);d uty=32*led->blink_on _time/(Led->blink_on_time + led->blink_off_time);

In addition to the above code can see that it does not support more than 1999ms flicker frequency, but also see another problem, the novice is often the problem of array cross-border, no matter what the access protection.

Problems detected by an LED flashing problem in the MTK led driver

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