Procedure and summary of compiling and porting Qtopia4.3.3 to ok-2440-III

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1. Compile

Thanks for a lot of online materials.

Statement: I always find incomplete information on the Internet. Many people, like me, are a novice. Therefore, we always strictly follow the steps mentioned on the Internet. The result is naturally many errors because we do not understand the meaning of each step. To address this problem, I wrote a dumb compilation and porting process for a dish like me. You are welcome to repost it, but be careful not to say it is what you wrote, if I find it online, I feel strange.

PC: ubuntu9.04

Board: OK-2 of Feiling embedded Company440-III Development Board, Kernel 2.6.12

Step 1: Download the open source code of qtopia

Download ce-src-4.3.3.tar.gz

Step 2: Compile

1. Install the cross-compiler.4. 1

In any directory (I have selected/usr/local/arm) tar-xjvf cross-3.4.1.tar.bz2

Set the environment variable # gedit/etc/bash. bashrc

Add export PATH =/usr/local/arm/3 to the file.4. 1/binPATH

After restarting the computer, run echo $ PATH to check whether the PATH is displayed. If you have installed the compiler before, you do not need to do this step.

2. decompress the source code (any directory can be used)

Tar-xzvf qtopia-core-opensource-src-4.3.3.tar.gz
Modify qmouselinuxtp_qws.h in the decompressed directory as follows:

Go to qtopia-core-opensource-Src-4. 3.3/src/GUI/Embedded/lower

# Gedit qmouselinuxtp_qws.h

Add # defineQT_ Qws_ipaq
# DefineQT_ Qws_ipaq_raw

Note: Check/dev/h3600_tsraw in qmouselinuxtp_qws.cpp to see if the name of the driver file (touch screen) on your board is the same. (Qmouselinuxtp_qws.cpp and qmouselinuxtp_qws.h are in the same directory ).
3. Configure (enter the decompressed directory)

#./Configure-Embedded ARM-xplatform qws/Linux-arm-G ++-depths4, 8, 12, 16-no-qt3support-QT-mouse-linuxtp

There may be warnings that the return value of a function is lifted. It doesn't matter if no error occurs.

# Make
# Make install

After compilation, the software is installed on/usr/local/trolltech/qtopia core by default-4. 3.3-arm/compilation is complete.

Step 3: Port

A file system is required for porting. Will it be used? It's not hard. Just decompress a yaffs2 file system and re-process the file system. The yaffs2 I used is the developed version of OK-2.44Self-contained qte_yaffs.tar.bz2. This file is used by the file system to create mkyaffs2image. Delete related QT files in the file system and reload your QT files.

Specific operations:

1. delete all the folders under/usr in the file system, and create the QT directory,/usr/QT

2. Set/usr/local/trolltech/qtopia core-4. 3.3-copy the Lib file under arm/to the QT directory, and copy the libstdc ++ in the cross compiler. copy so.6 to/usr/QT/lib. The file is in lib of the cross compiler on the PC. (If you want to ask why, do not add it. Try again)

3. create these directories in the file system:/usr/local/trolltech/qtopia core-4. 3.3-arm/lib cut the/usr/QT/lib fonts folder (remember to cut it) to/usr/local/trolltech/qtopia core-4. 3.3-arm/lib

4. Create a directory named qtopia under/usr/in the file system to store applications. You can add a few items from the sample. if you add a chip.

5. Enter/bin in the file system and # gedit qtopia_setup

Add (Note: The following h3600z-tsraw refers to your touch screen file, if not, changed to your touch driver file)

Export set home =/usr

Export setQTDir =/usr/QT
Export set qpedir =/usr/qtopia
Export set kdedir =/usr/QT
Export set QWS_KEYBOARD = "USB:/dev/input/event1"
Export set QWS_MOUSE_PROTO = "linuxtp:/dev/h3600_tsraw"
Export set PATH = $ QPEDIR/binPATH
Export QWS_DISPLAY = "LinuxFb: mmWidth35: mmHeight4"
Export QWS_SIZE = 320x240

6. Modify the profile file

# Gedit/etc/profile


#! /Bin/sh

ExportQTDIR =/usr

Export QPEDIR =/usr

Export LD_LIBRARY_PATH =/usr/qt/lib

Export HOME =/usr

7. Modify the rcS File

Gedit/etc/init. d/rcS


#! /Bin/sh


/Sbin/ifconfig eth0 up

/Bin/mknod/dev/can c 98 0




Note: If this file already exists, it does not need to be repeated.

Now, put the file system on the board and run cd/usr/qtopia.

#./Chip-qws to see what you want. Use the mouse to operate it. The touch screen is not ready yet. I am in progress. Stay tuned!

It is best to copy all the databases to the root directory. Of course this applies to people with less experience.


From: Tid = 462 & highlight = QT % 2B4

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