Process Design of procez one-product workflow (3)

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After all the elements used in the process are described, how can we use these elements?

Product high workflow provides two types of process designer for users to choose from. One is a full-featured process designer embedded in Visual Studio, which is mainly oriented to developers and can be expanded; the other is a simple process designer based on Silverlight, which is mainly for business personnel. You can draw some simple daily processes such as the leave process. They are as follows:

Vs Flow designer

Silverlight flow designer

Compared with the previous two figures, the content in the toolbar on the left side of the vs Flow designer is much richer than that in the Silverlight version. The Silverlight version only supports approval and end steps, therefore, you can only draw a general routine approval process, while the vs designer is full-featured. Let's look at its toolbar:

In addition to multiple link types, Common graphic elements are also supported to beautify flowcharts, or to make necessary annotations for clearer flowcharts.

For details about how to configure Link Attributes, how to select participants, and how to set conditions, see the Quick Start tutorial. For more details, please refer to the troubleshooting questions provided later. You will be able to answer questions you may encounter when using these elements!

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