Process for failing to receive OCP Certificate

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Process for failing to receive the certificate (transferred from itpub)

Reporter: address into, if you do not know it all try.
Reporter: The following content is for 04 years.

After waiting for a long time, if you have not received the certificate, don't worry, because as long as you pass the exam, it is a matter of time to get the certificate. However, due to shipping, address error, and other reasons, you may need to re-print the mail, you can use the following process to handle it.

1. Go to the Internet to query and confirm the score of each exam. For details about the query method, see kamus's OCP full guide.

To query newly registered users, make sure to write the mailing address clearly, because the information registered here will update the examinee information in the Prometric database.

After you confirm that each course has passed the test, you can call us.

2. If you take an exam at your Oracle Test Center, you can take the exam from 800 to 810 to 9931.
Take the Prometric Test Center at 010-82619995.

If you are calling Oracle for the Prometric exam, you will be asked to contact Prometric and leave your contact information for further notice. This is generally unreliable. Therefore, it is more direct to call Prometric.

3. after you make a call to confirm that all courses required for the exam have passed, you are advised to go to The Address Email address you entered during the exam to check it, because sometimes it is mailed by ordinary mail, it is not delivered by DHL.

If there is no certificate email in the confirmation mailbox, now you need to write a letter to the stating that you have passed the exam and
Re-delivery is required.

Add the following information to E-mail:


12a 2th Building International Science start-up Park
Shangdi information Road 2 # Beijing, 34 100085
People's rep of China

Name: your_name
ID: your_id

Candidate history:
Date exam num confirmation num
28-Mar-2004 1z0-030 k4esyd532b
7-Mar-2004 1z0-025 k38syd5377
15-feb-2004 1z0-026 k24syd51e0
31-Jan-2004 1z0-024 k15syd522d
28-dec-2003 1z0-023 jf3syd51d0
7-dec-2003 1z0-001 jdesyd52f0

E-mail: your_e-mail
Tel: your_tel_no.


After sending an e-mail to the, you will soon be able to receive an automatic reply saying that you will be replying within two business days, and re-sending e-mail if you do not receive an automatic reply.

The automatic reply is as follows:

Your e-mail inquiry as to the status of certificate has been encrypted ed by the Prometric fulfillment Dept. we will respond to you in detail within two business days. please be aware of the following: You must wait at least 30 days from date of final exam to receive your certificate. please provide your current address as well as candidate ID # When inquiring about the status of your certificate.

Thank you

Then, within two working days, you can generally receive an email similar to the following:

I have updated your address in our database. A new certificate will be sent out on May 26th. It takes two to three weeks for delivery. Thanks

In this way, you can wait for the certificate to arrive.

If the date on which a mail request is sent is less than one month away from the date on which the mail is printed, you will generally receive a reply similar to the following:

Your certificate was printed and sent out on %l 7th. It takes three weeks for delivery. I am showing it went to the correct address. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks

At this time, you should try again after a month before sending the mail. Alternatively, follow these steps:


1. Send a mail to the to get the DHL No
2. Then you can get a local phone number through 114 and check the email destination and the reason.
3. Sending an email to Beijing to explain the situation
4. Soon I will receive a reply from the United States saying that I will receive the certificate three weeks later (in fact, I will receive the Certificate in one week)
Make sure you keep your phone number when you leave the address. Otherwise, you may not be able to send it again. (I just received it for one week. But what did 9i do, the second time I sent the email again, I was lucky to have contacted me by calling me. It was the email recipient who found the wrong place to pull it !)

-By xie3000


Kamus: OCP full Guide
Xie3000: Process for failing to receive a certificate for a long time

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