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Procurement for direct consumption

When you procure for direct consumption, you specify the consumption purpose by entering an account assignment (for example, a cost center). On Goods receept, the material or service counts as having been consumed.

If a material is procured for direct consumption, the consumption accounts in financial accounting are posted when the goods receipt is entered. The total quantity and value of existing stocks of the material are not affected.


1. Account assignment objects

2. Consumption material.

Mat. Type shocould be NON-STOCK value update

Consumption material should select mat. Type excluding inventory quantity and value, such as nlag and dien

3. Different between stock material and consumable material:

When opening Po, the account assignment category is used to distinguish

When procuring consumable materials that do not have a material master record, you have to enter the following, as well as the account assignment category:

    • Short text (description)
    • Material Group
    • Order Unit

4. Unknown consumption Material

4.1. the consumable purchase of the no-material number is mainly through the material group to find the valuation class. The configuration is as follows:

4.2 The following fields must be entered in purchase requisitions/p-info/PO,

    • Short text (description)
    • Material Group
    • Order Unit

In addition, the PO cannot automatically bring out p-Info because there is no material number. The key must be in P-Info number.

5. Multiple account assignment

A certain item in the consumption PO can be assigned to multiple accounts, just as one PO item can be assigned to multiple different cost centers. If this method is used, the goods receept option can only be select all or none.

4.3 differences between shipping and non-Shipping

1. Subject differences

The receiving result will be indicated by the gr/IR cleared subject, and then the corresponding service subject or cost center subject will be invited.

If you do not receive the data, the system will directly throw it once.

2. IR operation differences

When you do not accept IR, you can see all the quantities. If you receive the raw materials, you will only see the number of gr.

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