Product Design: Provide the function button and inform the user information

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Article Description: Product Design: Provide users with these function buttons, but also to inform the user what information?

Before the " Airport cigarette " in the analysis of a software system in the state and enumerated the different States required to display the various types of information to users, we first briefly review:

To design a software system operation, in addition to recognize the state of the system and the corresponding elements, but also need to analyze the operation of the function itself.

When you give users these feature buttons, what information do you need to tell the user at the same time?

What do we always have to know when we need to make a decision in our daily life? For example: When a bank salesman recommends his family's credit card, what information do I need to know before I can make a decision?
I will generally ask the salesman about these questions:
What is this? Oh, credit card, first money, back to the kind of card.
What's the amount of this card? How much money can I spend first? Oh, 1 W.
I have to run this card, do you want to pay annual fee?
If I do not repay the time, what will be the negative impact on me?
If I have a card, I keep it all the time, okay?

You can also imagine what questions you may ask, and perhaps the specific questions you ask are not exactly what I asked, and it doesn't matter, at least the questions we ask are generally divided into two categories:
1. What is this?
2. What impact will it have on me if I have to run a card?

Well, when the user is faced with an operation, the need to decide whether to execute the time, need to understand the information, can be divided into these two categories.

Here, the design of the operation seems to have been analyzed clearly. Well, it should be said, if the leader speaks with, said: "The operation of the design first need to explain what this operation is, the second need to describe the consequences of the operation will be clear." "It's not just enough, it's enough to show the speaker's ability to generalize." But this analysis is not enough to be instructive in the actual design.
Let's refine these two requirements:

Interpretation of the operation itself
Need to explain: what is this operation? What's it for? What can be done?
For most operations, no further explanation is required, what does the "delete" feature do? There's no need to explain. "Publish", also understand it. "Off," you know. "Battery ruler Reset" This is not necessarily clear to anyone. Yes, a few of the operations themselves contain new concepts that need to be explained.

The consequences of the operation
We can refine this requirement into the following points:
Costs to be paid: time cost, economic cost, interference with other operations (whether modal) ...
It takes time to upload a photo, click to confirm that the payment is to be paid, and perform this operation, other functions will not be used until the operation is completed.
loss to be caused: current data will be lost.
Do you want to format the C disk? C-disk data will be completely deleted, irreversible.
The impact on privacy: Whether your friends will know about this operation.
In the Qzone, send a friend a birthday present, other friends will know? Do you know what the specific gift is? Would you see a message on a specific gift card? Knowing or not will directly affect my operation.
will not cause any loss.
Fill out multiple pages of the form page, is currently the second page, back to modify the first page of content, the current page has been filled out content will not be lost. Tell the user that the user will dare to return to modify.
Risks that may exist.
To their own qzone hang a lot of dress up, navigation, player, floating ... This may make it difficult for friends in some regions to open up your space during the peak of the network. Users may not be aware of potential problems when they dress up, but these problems are really related to his actions.

Of course, the above summary is not enough, not even right. The criteria for checking whether a description is sufficient is whether the user can make a decision without doubt .

Software system State elements, operating elements together, the behavior of the design needs to have something, it is more complete:

The purpose of summarizing these elements is not to each operation, the system must be in black and white to tell the user directly. If you do not say that the user can know, of course, needless to say.

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