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Discuss product details with product today.

I've found that products and technologies can never understand each other.

Products are thinking that technology should understand what they want and that many details do not need to be labeled

But the problem is on the product details.

Because before the relevant technical personnel have participated in the product prototype discussion, so, the general direction of the product and the function to achieve a better understanding, will not be in the direction of excessive problems

It's the small details that are not much or overlooked in the product discussion.

And it is these little details that continue to haunt developers during the development process,

Generally speaking, the developers are more introverted, poor speech, love, like their own research problems, when confronted with the details of the problem, like their first thought, but also because of face, embarrassed to ask the product, feel that they did not understand the problem, is their own understanding of the poor, so that leads to a very small, In the product does not seem to be a problem at all, interrupted the idea of the developer, he may spend 5 points, 10 points, or even half a day to study, to try to achieve his understanding of the product effect, the result, to his product over there, the product said that this is not what he wants.

I have been thinking about how to solve the problem of communication between product and technology.

Is it true that the people who have done the development are really suitable for making products?

Product PK Technology

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