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He is a planning engineer of XX Asia Inc, because his work relationship is not very convenient to reveal whether it is the company. The following is an interview with him, from the lines of the conversation, we can see the professional attitude of planning developed by regular companies, as well as the lack of professionalism in the domestic gaming industry.
Like most game Dev, he set his life goals in middle school to become a good game designer. This is especially true when he comes to more games, especially when he comes to excellent trpg such as MTG and war hammer.
The first time he learned the d20 core rules in detail, he was more confident that he could become a good game designer.

Then, by chance, we entered XX games. The biggest feeling in this company named XX Games was to learn a lot of commercial product design philosophy and many bad development rules. Especially in a development company with a huge production scale and rich product lines, his biggest perception is
"We found that from an RPG Game to a casual game, there are its unique design philosophy and thinking rules, this also includes the ability of each art design element to combine gameplay to attract users."

When he saw what a good company called excellent advantages in XX games, he looked at the current situation in our domestic market and keenly discovered:
1. It is found that most game manufacturers in China only focus on short-term benefits and do not set a long-term plan. As a result, the products they design can only meet the market needs of a certain period of time, and the games are plagiarized with each other.
2. game manufacturers in mainland China are not prepared for the preliminary development, including effective team building and training.
At XX games, we will allow all the project personnel involved in the development to carry out the project construction training for a minimum of one month and a maximum of three months.
Let them know what the project needs to do, what it will do, what it will eventually appear, and who will do it.
3. There is no clear and detailed preparation when establishing a development plan, which usually causes many projects to be canceled during development.
4. Ignoring the importance of QA (Quality Assessment Quality Inspection Department), QA is the most important supervision link in the entire development project, they have been monitored and reviewed from the concept phase of the game to the game development until the game is released. With a sound QA mechanism, they can ensure that the products produced by the manufacturers are not deteriorating.
At XX games, more than 300 QA engineers are responsible for the progress of more than a dozen projects.
5. There is no feasible development process. Most vendors ignore the importance of the development process. The establishment of the process allows everyone involved in project development to determine what to do and what to do, when to give back information and other important work methods. This also shows why the quality of products developed by game manufacturers in mainland China is poor.

So he decided to start his own business now. At the beginning, he felt "excited! + Excited! = Exciting! = Challenge !"
At the same time, he also realized that "difficulties certainly exist, but if there is no difficulty, there will be no motivation for development. We dare to challenge everything. Of course, we also hope that God will not give us too many difficulties at the beginning to stimulate us ."

In the future, we plan to use what we have learned to build a team (responsible for project management,
He believes that "in the future, I will make plans, and I will participate in more and more game-based projects. This will give full play to my imagination and creativity, of course, you will also learn more.

As for the construction team, I will try to make the projects I participate in the best team, because they will let other people in the industry know that we can bring them the best products ."

After a short period of communication with him, it is not difficult to find that the game development industry in China is very promising in the future, because with the participation of such an excellent and professional gamer, it is bound to make a good game with guaranteed quality and playability.

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