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------------------------------ If you do not enter, you will leave.

There are four parts to examine yourself: 1. Professional Skills 2. Good Conduct 3. Environment 4. interests and hobbies

I. Professional Skills

---------------------------- Three aspects: 1. hardware knowledge 2. System Maintenance 3. Foreign Language

1. hardware knowledge

I. hardware maintenance

1. Basic judgment on hardware damage

First, listen carefully to hardware such as the hard disk and power supply fan for abnormal sound. The second is to open the chassis and check whether the Board is burned out, whether the capacitor is starting, and whether the Board is oxidized. In addition, I heard whether there was any smell.

2. Computer Hardware assembly

At present, we often need to consider the compatibility of the motherboard when installing the machine.

1. Is the motherboard compatible with the CPU?

Depends on the following aspects: PIN definition, FSB support, power supply support, BIOS support. Pin definition refers to the position and function of each pin on the CPU. Can the pin be exactly the same as that of the main board? Generally, the CPU of the same pin type can be consistent with that of the main board. FSB support refers to whether the main version can support CPU external frequency and front-end bus. For example, p4c cannot be used on the i845d chipset main version because i845d does not support the front-end bus of p4c up to 800 MHz. Power supply support refers to whether the power supply circuit of the main version can support the voltage and current required by the CPU. Many seemingly compatible CPUs and the main board cannot work together due to power supply problems. BiOS indicates whether the BIOS (Basic output input system) of the motherboard supports the name, model, and function of the CPU. Most BIOS compatibility problems can be solved by refreshing the BIOS.

2. Compatibility between memory and Motherboard

It mainly depends on the memory type and frequency supported by the motherboard. The main board that supports DDR cannot be connected to the SDRAM memory because the type is incompatible. The non-overclock motherboard cannot support ddr400 or above DDR memory because it does not support higher than the standard memory frequency. In addition, the motherboard is compatible with multi-channel memory, memory verification, and memory acceleration technology.

3. Compatibility between the video card and the motherboard

It mainly depends on whether the AGP specification is compatible. Due to the downward compatibility of The AGP specification, there are not many problems with the compatibility between the video card and the motherboard. However, you must note that the agp8x and agp2x devices cannot be used in combination, the agp8x and agp2x devices cannot be used in combination, and The AGP pro graphics card cannot be connected to the common AGP interface.

Currently there are mainly two kinds of graphics card and PCI-E, the latter is the mainstream, see your motherboard is supported what kind of graphics card.

Regarding compatibility, as long as you are installed on a variety of platforms, there is generally no problem:
Intel Platform: 915pl + PCI-E gradually replaced 865pe + AGP
AMD platform: nForce4-X + entry-level PCI-E gradually replace nfore3 250 + AGP. I am talking about low-end and Middle-end configurations. I believe they are suitable for you.

If you support the card! There is no compatibility problem. You can select a combination with as few issues as possible as long as you plug in, such as amd + NF + NVIDIA or Intel + 865/9*5 + NVIDIA.

Generally, there is no problem. If there is a problem, contact the seller to change it. Generally, compatibility problems often occur within 1-3 months. After the expiration time, the matching problem is basically stable and mainly divided into theoretical values and practical experience. The theoretical value mainly means that the working frequency of each component must be consistent with that of the number, so that the data transmission will not produce a "bottleneck" phenomenon, and the performance of each accessory can be maximized. Practical experience refers to a combination of accessories with other brands with better compatibility. Some major manufacturers of accessories are very picky about other accessories, mainly manifested in the motherboard and memory. It may not be a good combination of brand-name boards and brand-name strips. Therefore, when assembling compatible machines, you need to know the specific parameters of each accessory and try to choose accessories with excellent quality.Connection Method of the front panel line of the motherboard

Connect to the chassis

When installing the motherboard, many readers do not need to put the motherboard into the chassis and fix it, but how to use the chassis connection line! Next let's take a look at the chassis connection line --

① The four-core plug of the PC horn is actually only one or four wires. The one wire is usually red and it is connected to the speaker pin on the main board. This is marked on the motherboard, usually the speaker. When connecting, pay attention to the position of the red line corresponding to 1 (Note: The red line corresponds to the position of 1-some motherboard marked as "1" and some marked as "+", depending on the situation ).

② The reset connector is connected to the reset key of the chassis. It must be connected to the reset pin on the motherboard. The reset pins on the motherboard work like this: when they are short-circuited, the computer restarts. The reset key is a switch that causes a short circuit when it is pressed. When the hand is released, the open circuit is restored, and the computer restarts immediately after a short circuit. Occasionally, when you press the reset key and release it, but it does not play up and keeps short-circuiting, the computer will not stop restarting.

③ There is a switch wiring for the total power supply on the ATX chassis, which is a two-core plug. It is the same as the reset connector. It is short-circuited when pressed, open when released, and click it, the total power of the computer is switched on, and then shut down after one click, but you can also set it in the BIOS to shut down after the power switch for more than four seconds, or you can't simply press the switch to shut down, but you can only rely on the software to shut down.

④ This three-core plug is the wiring of the power indicator. It uses 1 or 3 bits, and the line 1 is usually green. On the motherboard, the pin is usually marked as power. When connecting, note that the Green Line corresponds to the first needle (+ ). When it is connected, the computer is turned on, the power light is always on, indicating that the power is turned on.

⑤ Dual-core connector of the hard drive indicator, the first line is red. On the motherboard, such a pin is usually marked with an IDE led or HD led, and the connection should be redlined to one. After this line is connected, when the computer is reading and writing the hard disk, the hard disk lights on the chassis. Note that this indicator can only indicate the IDE hard disk, but not the SCSI hard disk.

Next, we need to insert the power supply, hard disk, speakers, reset, and other control connection terminal lines on the chassis into the corresponding pins on the motherboard. Connecting these indicator lines and switching lines is cumbersome, because different boards have different plug-in definitions. Which of the following are used to connect the indicator lines, which of the following cables are used for plug-in and switch operations can be clarified only by reading the motherboard instructions in the white book. Therefore, we recommend that you connect these cables before placing the motherboard into the chassis. In addition, the power switch and reset (reset switch) of the motherboard are in no direction. You only need to find out the plug-in. HDD led (hard drive light), power LED (power indicator light), and so on, because the use of light-emitting diodes, so the plug-back cannot shine, be sure to carefully check the definition of the positive and negative sides of the plug-in.

Reference: Boardid = 34 & id = 24361)

 3. Peripherals, such as printers, digital cameras, tablet, and scanners.

Troubleshooting of printer faults, installation of printer drivers, replacement of matrix printer ribbons, and common printer settings.

Continuous paper, set the paper size, and so on .)

4. hardware driver

A: Drive unknown hardware.

With Everest Ultimate Edition, you can view the chip, model, and related information of the hardware. In this way, you can download the latest driver from the Internet.

B: Back up the driver when reinstalling the system.

With driver genie 2005, you can back up all drivers before reinstalling the system for ease of use.

5. Use of hardware tools

Hardware tools:

Soldering iron. multimeter. flat change knife, plum change knife, Pressure clamp. sharp mouth clamp, Steel Wire Clamp, clip, diagnosis card is also called Debug Card (PCI interface, plug in and then start up, you can see from the above built-in debug module to analyze possible causes of failure), test, and various forwarding interfaces.


Ii. System Maintenance

1. Install the operating system and office software (upgrade)

Common office software

Office 2002 (integrated with office software such as Word, Excel, and outlook), Adobe reader6.0 (view files in *. pdf format ),
ACD see, Kingsoft 2006, Symantec antivirus8.0, Microsoft antispyware, and remot administrator.

Note: For Outlook settings, install and remove Symantec antivirus.

2. system maintenance and Optimization

Cleanup of junk filesHttp://

1. Delete the content in the "Start" menu "document ".

Path: C:/Documents and Settings/it2/recent (hide the file and it2 is the Login User)

2. Delete Temporary Folder content

Path: C:/Documents and Settings/it2/Local Settings/temp (hide the file)

3. Clear cookies of the current user

Path: C:/Documents and Settings/it2/cookies

4. delete the files left after the web page is opened by IE

Path: C:/Documents and Settings/it2/Local Settings/Temporary Internet Files (hide files)

This file can be changed:

Click "Internet"> "general"> "Temporary Internet Files" and click "Move folder" in the "Settings" dialog box ".

Temporary files on webpages are characterized by a large number of files, small folders, and high randomness. This will cause a large number of fragments to your disk system in a short period of time, thus affecting system performance. So it is best to transfer this file to a non-system partition.

5. Delete the historical records of IE browser

Path: C:/Documents and Settings/it2/Local Settings/history (hide the file)

6. Clear garbage bins

Click the "recycle bin" on the desktop to clear it. (Very simple)

7. Clear temporary files (*. tmp) and disk fragment files (*, chk)

You can search, sort, and delete the data.

Some files can also be cleared, *. Old, *. Bak temporary backup files,

Disable the following services first and then change them to manual. Applicable to Win2000 and WINXP Systems

1. Prohibit quick access to files in flexible query languages

Indexing Service

2. Remote users are prohibited from modifying the settings of the registration items table on this computer.

Remote Registry Service

3. I do not want to send an error report to Microsoft when a program error occurs.

Error reporeing Service

4. I don't want to use the help center service in the system

Help and suppore

5. I don't want to use the Messenger Service


6. I do not want to use the IP Security Management Policy

IPsec Policy Agent (IPSec serviecs)

7. I do not want to record events such as logon, network, and power.

System Event Notification

8. I don't want to use XP's System Restoration Function

System restove Service (XP only)

9. I don't want to use the local time synchronization function with the Internet.

S Windows Time

10. I don't want to visit the Windows site for upgrade the next time.


3. Common System Tools

A: System Backup Software

Ghost 8.0 (NTFs format supported)

B: Hard Disk maintenance tools

Pattition magic 8.02 is currently the best hard disk fraction and multi-OS startup management tool. It is the best choice for implementing dynamic hard disk partitioning and lossless compression partitioning. It supports large-capacity hard disks, which convert each other in fat and FAT32 public intervals, and convert NTFS format partitions to fat or FAT32 format. With partition magic, you can also implement multi-drive C boot (that is, create multiple C disks), and convert logical boot partitions and primary boot partitions. Linux partitions are also supported.

4. Knowledge about bios and Registry


5. FAQs about office software, such as Word, Excel, and outlook

At work, we often encounter problems with word, execl, and outlook.

The following is a summary:

I. Word

1. The left and upper dimensions of the work area are missing?

Click the ruler option in the View menu.

2. Why does the Word file menu disappear?

Double-click the blank area outside the toolbar to open the custom window. In the tool column option, select the function list.

3. How can I add a password to my Word file?

Select the security option under the tool menu to set.

4. How to create the following special characters, such as ① and ①.

Select the number under the Insert menu, select the expected style, and then enter a number.

5. Can w ord be simplified and converted?

Yes. You can find the traditional and simplified conversion functions in the "General" toolbar.

6. Word and execl may encounter errors sometimes, leading to file loss. What should I do?

You can create a backup file. When saving the file for the first time or saving another file, you can select Tools and storage options (General options) in the pop-up save file window to create a backup. It automatically creates a backup file under the same directory where you save the file.

Iii. server maintenance

1. Proxy Server

2. email server

3. Domain Server

4. Linux Server

5. Web Servers

6. FTP Server

2. Quality of conduct

---------------------------- Two aspects: 1. Advantages 2. Disadvantages

1. Advantages

High IQ, kind nature, responsibility for doing things, good at thinking, good at summing up, not afraid of failure, have a certain amount of courage, strong adaptability, group, team spirit, self-think have a certain leader temperament

2. Disadvantages

Moderate and introverted, poor ambition, eloquence, not good at selling yourself, not arrogant, lack of Pioneering Spirit

Iii. Environment

---------------------------- Three aspects: 1. Social Environment 2. company environment 3. Personnel relationship 4. Work Pressure

1. Social Environment

An environment with opportunities, pressure, and fierce competition

2. company environment

Large scale, but non-standard management, lack of emphasis on talent, boss stingy, overall not suitable for development.

3. Personnel relationship

Simple, moderate

4. Work Pressure


Iv. interests and hobbies

---------------------------- Three aspects: 1. Work 2. environment 3. People

1. Work

Computer software, research, learning

2. Environment

Quiet, refreshing, and free working environment

3. Persons

Common Language, easygoing, kind, and like-minded

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