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Avid Xpress Pro HD is a powerful real-time video, audio and video editing tool designed for independent filmmakers and video producers. Applicable to the production of TV dramas, special production, news clips, such as rapid editing needs. Has the industry's most advanced, convenient editing functions, as well as professional color correction tools.

It is no coincidence that almost all film blockbusters and primetime television shows are created using industry-standard Avid systems. End-to-end, conceptual and results-consistent, flexible authoring performance provides you with an unprecedented creative experience. Avid Xpress®pro HD is a full-featured HD, SD, DV, and movie editing environment and is the best portable editor for each Avid system. Use avid Xpress Pro HD to tell your story!

Full collaboration with avid Xpress Pro HD, you can get the help of the world's most experienced editorial team. Built-in consistency means that you can quickly and efficiently perform post-production on the Avid Media composer®, Avid symphony™nitris®, and Avid DS Nitris systems without rebuilding the workflow. Also, it is easy to send project material to Digidesign®pro tools® for audio post-processing.

Unmatched graphics and effects Avid marquee® is the industry's most complete, integrated 2D and 3D subtitle and graphics animation toolset. It features exceptionally powerful color correction tools, including a unique curve chart and a touch-only automatic correction feature, allowing you to create better graphic works faster.

Avid Mojo and Avid Mojo SDI provides powerful, portable input/output capabilities for Avid Xpress Pro HD Users:

Functional characteristics of Avid Mojo and Avid Mojo SDI
• DV input/output via IEEE-1394
• Composite, component (with cable required on avid Mojo) and S-video input/output
• 2-channel analog unbalanced audio input/output
• Synchronous Lock Reference
• Sketch resolution hardware scaling performance, using uncompressed image quality to provide impressive performance improvements
• Display HD media in real time on SD monitor
• Separate IEEE-1394 cable Connection desktop

Characteristic features of Avid Mojo SDI
• HDV and DVCPro HD input/output via IEEE-139
· SDI input/output (SMPTE 259M)
• 4 channel Aes/ebu audio input/output
• 8-Channel built-in audio input/output
• 4-channel analog unbalanced audio input/output
• 2-Channel S/PDIF optical input/output

Avid Xpress Pro HD More features, more creative freedom, more fun
It also applies to Mac and PC platforms, truly global, real-time DV, SD, HD, HDV, and movie editing systems. At present, almost all film blockbusters and primetime TV shows are created using industry-standard Avid tools.
Avid Xpress Pro HD includes the following feature features

Use the most flexible and customizable editing tool set to achieve more and faster authoring. Use fast, Easy-to-use pruning tools for multiple track trimming and immediate updates to both sides by trimming the monitor. Avid open time lines can be mixed with multiple HD and SD-resolution media in the same scenario sequence, and can even be edited with mixed resolution and multiple lenses for the same set of fragments.

Open Time Line technology

It is possible to synthesize and compare the media of various encoding and resolution forms in real-time on the same time line without any coding conversion processing. You can even create and use multiple sets of fragments in the form of mixed resolutions by avid multiple lens editing tools.

Advanced Real-time effects
• Automatic professional color correction based on Avid Symphony Tool set
• One-touch AutoCorrect feature, you can correct the entire sequence by clicking the mouse
• Patent patented naturalmatch™, only one click can be a lens to the color contrast
• Supports up to three color correction windows
• 2D and 3D effects based on GPU
• More than 115 custom live effects can be exported in real time via IEEE-1394

Powerful multi-format editing capabilities
• HD, SD, DV, and movie editing for Mac and PC at the same time
· Avid Open Timeline (open timeline) real-time multi-format editing that supports DV, DVCPro 25, DVCPro 50, 1:1 SD, HDV, DVCProHD, Avid dnxhd™, and offline resolution media
• Multi-lens editing that can be displayed at the same time, and can be edited between multiple media resources with just a click of the mouse
• Support for general and advanced 24p and 23.976p pulldown (HDV not supported)
• Advanced project and Media Management: Avid media tools, synthesis and coding conversions

Streamline collaboration and workflow
· Avid Unity Lanshare LP and Avid Unity Medianetwork Media Network support
• Seamless audio switching via the Digidesign Pro Tools system
• Support for advanced metadata management metasync®
• Overall synergy (total conform): Repository, sequence, project and media compatible and consistent with other avid editing products to achieve seamless workflow

Download: 1.3 GB

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