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When talking with friends a few days ago, he mentioned a problem.ProgramPersonnel, sometimes compared with narrow-focused, always think that the IT industry is a high-tech industry, their own knowledge is the latest knowledge, and other industries need to learn from us.

There is a saying in the old saying: there are only a high number of sub-products, but now there seems to be some relevance for programmers.

The reason for such an idea and sentiment is that, on the one hand, it may be the role of money. In general, the salary of friends in IT companies or it friends is higher than that of people in traditional industries; on the other hand, it may be related to the learned knowledge. After all, it is an emerging industry, and the latest is the best. Many people know this; another reason is that IT practitioners are too busy to care about other industries, which also leads to a narrow vision.

In fact, we do not have the capital to think that our work is more advanced than other industries. On the contrary, we have a lot to learn from other industries.

The reason is self-evident. From the perspective of the years of development of the industry, the years of development of few industries are shorter than those of the IT industry. The accumulation of years has formed the industry model and characteristics, it has also formed many schools and models, and the debate and mutual learning between many schools have also promoted the further development of the industry.

In addition, many of the methodologies used in software development are borrowed from other industries. The idea of architecture and modularization draws on architecture to a large extent; norms and processes draw on the experience of the production industry; however, agile methods have recently become very popular, it also draws on management ideas in other industries, especially Kanban and lean methods, which are obtained from Japanese manufacturing industry.

Therefore, we can see that we understand the most basic methodology (for example, philosophical thinking) and management ideas, and then reflect on our methods and management ideas in the software development process, there will be more good ideas.

Of course, some people will think that a lot of specific knowledge about languages, databases, and so on has not yet been learned. Where can we learn those non-computer knowledge? I think that the specific knowledge is of course very important, but a lot of knowledge in other fields, on the one hand, can make our energy shift, so that we will not stick to the corners, get into the tip of the horn, so as to get a certain degree of relaxation and rest, on the other hand, to learn more specific knowledge, there will be a clear situation, it is a more precious experience.

In short, we need to know more about all aspects, just to broaden our horizons, it will make it easier for us to communicate with various types of people, there are many benefits, I hope everyone will have an experience ,:)

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