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In the previous article, we only need to talk about the related items of ps3and editing. This article mainly describes the related settings of ps3:

  6. How can I configure an IDE environment with ps3?The following uses C/C ++ as an example to configure a simple IDE. Select setting => highlighters settings from the menu. The following dialog box is displayed. You can set syntax highlighting on the first tab. You can also customize your own styles, after the customization, you can save it. For example, you can set an external help file on the second tab. For example, you can set a CHM document as a reference document for C/C ++, in this way, if I forget the usage of a function while coding, I can select this function, and press Alt + F1 to bring up the help document set in advance, and directly find the relevant functions. Reference: Some people may get used to calling up msdn with the F1 key in vc6. ps3uses F1 as the help document for calling up. However, this setting can be used to open program settings and select direct edit, set the value of f1helpineditor to 0. For example, return to the key mapping in the graphic interface Setting dialog box, find the shortcut key for external help, and change it to F1. For details, refer: on the third tab, you can set an external tool. Here we use the code format organization tool astyle (described in the previous article) as an example. First, access the page and select astyle.exe. At this time, garbled characters are generated at the end of the command line. For example, you can directly edit the setting file (refer to the preceding section) and find the corresponding location to directly edit it. For example, you can set it: prog0 = astyle, | D:/ps3editor/astyle/bin/astyle.exe | -- style = ANSI -- suffix = none -- convert-Tabs | % file % |, use the preset ANSI format. If no file backup is performed, the tab is converted to a space. The fourth tab is set for the compiler. Note the following when setting: If the directory you select has spaces, use double quotation marks to reference the path. For example: "% file %" if a compilation error occurs, you need to select log window type as list to locate the corresponding file line through the information in the log window; select different log parser Based on the log format output by different compilers. For details, refer to: When I use this version to locate the error line, I cannot double-click to locate the error line. I can only choose from the right-click menu, you can double-click the latest version to locate the error line. 7. About automatic line feed:After reading some previous articles, many people say that the automatic line feed of ps3is incorrect. I don't know what the problem is, maybe it is a problem of the previous version. There are two methods for automatic wrapping of ps3: hard wrapping and soft wrapping. The so-called hard line feed is the line feed of the General Editor, automatically adapt to the window width, line feed according to the window width. This method is not used by default. If you need this type of line feed, you need to cancel it in the settings: Wrap (soft) with right edge; otherwise, soft line feed is used by default, that is to say, you can set a line at the right boundary of the window. After this line is passed, the line will be automatically wrapped. 8. Why is the start time of my PMCs slow?Ps3supports scripts. Some default scripts will be installed during installation. These scripts can be seen in the script in the menu. These scripts will be loaded at startup, and many anti-virus software will scan the scripts, it is likely that this causes the ps3startup to be slow. If these scripts are useless to you, you can cancel: System Integration = "ingegrated script support (wsh) in the settings to see if there is no script in the menu? 9. Can I adjust the line spacing of ps3?Yes, see: 10. Other considerate features:
  • CTRL + M jump to matching brackets;
  • CTRL + Shift + A comments;
  • Favorate folder window;
  • Convenient function browsers;
  • Search Result List, statistical function;
  • Hexadecimal editing (another powerful free hexadecimal editing tool hxd is also recommended here );
  • Integrates many gadgets;
11. The following describes the weakness of ps3:
  • Large files are not supported: there is a significant latency when I open text files larger than 1 MB (more than 20 thousand lines) on my machine with PS3, this is because ps3uses the method of reading all files into the memory at a time. Of course, for programmers, there are few code files that exceed 1 MB, usually hundreds of kb, this is absolutely no problem for PS3.
  • Code folding is not supported: As code folding is not supported, it is determined by the architecture adopted by PS3. if code folding is to be supported, I am afraid the entire ps3will be overwritten.
In the last statement, ps3is implemented using Delphi.

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