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When it comes to text editors, many people will think of ultraedit. Yes, it is a powerful thing and it is not cheap to sell, about 50 knives. In addition, the Linux version has been released recently and is still in the Alpha stage. What I want to talk about here is a free editor, which is developed for programmers, so many features are carefully designed for programmers.

The latest official version of ps3is 4.5.3 (2298)-25 November 2007. The author is still updating the version. The latest version of beta version is 4.5.4 (2346) so far ). The following is based on the English version 4.5.3. Here we will introduce some of its features. There is no logic to write them wherever you think: 1. Support for Project Creation:You can create a new project and add all the source files under a project to a project. Ps3supports file-based search. For example, if you want to know where a function is called, you can search for this function name in the entire project, the search results are listed in the list below. Double-click the search results to jump to the corresponding row of the corresponding file. 2. Unicode supported:That is to say, there is no problem in supporting Chinese characters and no garbled characters. Speaking of gibberish, here are a few related questions: What is the Chinese file name displayed in the file browsing window after I switch to the English interface? Open the Lang folder under the installation directory of ps3, find the English language file, and change defaultcharset to defaultcharset = big5. Why is it garbled when I open a Chinese file? If the region and language setting options in the control panel are not set to China (RPC), it will be garbled. I haven't encountered any other situations yet. Why is the Chinese file name displayed as garbled characters on the server after connecting to FTP? This has something to do with the server settings, of course, is not fully dependent on the server settings, in short, if the FTP server is set to support UTF-8, ps3's FTP browser window will display Chinese as garbled; in the FTP browser window, right-click and select "Send raw FTP command", fill in "opts utf8 off", and then send the command. Then, refresh the command to display Chinese characters. Why is the garbled code displayed in the list after I configure the external tool? I have asked the author about this in the Forum. The author said that he needs to add some encoding information in the command line, saying that adding garbled code to the command line in the click list will disappear. However, it does not work if I have tried it. The solution is to select "setting" = "program settings" and click "direct edit" below. For example, I have set an external tool for C/C ++, select C/C ++ and find the corresponding location to delete the garbled characters. The following example illustrates this. 3. Supports automatic Code Completion and code segment insertion:Enter a few letters and press Ctrl + J to check the matching words. For example, if you want to insert a statement block such as if or switch or a function prototype, press Ctrl + K, the related code snippets are listed. For example, after the code is inserted, the code snippets are listed as follows: 4. supports editing remote files:This function is important for people who often need to edit remote files. If your files are stored on Unix servers and you use the VI editor, you want to get the window to edit them, normally, you can download the package to your local computer and upload it after editing. You can directly connect to the server with PS3. you can find the file to be edited in the FTP file browsing window and edit it directly. After editing, CTRL + S is saved to the server, is it nice? Of course, this function requires the FTP service to be enabled on the server. Some servers will enable SFTP for security purposes. I will see that the latest ps3has added a connection to obtain the SFTP plug-in the FTP connection type, I have not tried it. Here, we will introduce another example of Remote File Editing: winscp, which supports many protocols, including FTP, SFTP, and SCP. It has its own editor, but has limited functions. You can configure an external editor, such as Vim. After editing, you can directly save it to the server. 5. Supports column Editing:The most powerful feature of column editing is ultraedit. Many people use this as an important condition when looking for the editor. In fact, column editing is not used in many ways. Ps3supports column editing, but it is not as convenient as ultraedit. How can I switch to the column editing mode? You can use the menu: Edit = "selection type =" column selection; some people prefer to press and hold alt while selecting columns. This can be found in the settings: Select Editor (Part1) => alt sets column mode. If you select this option, you cannot use the menu. The two are mutually exclusive. Column deletion: select the part to be deleted and delete it directly. Column insertion: this is not as convenient as ultraedit and cannot be edited directly. You need to insert it in the dialog box: first select the position of the column to be inserted (it doesn't matter how wide the selected column is, it mainly depends on the position of the right edge of the selected area), such as: Then Alt + I call up the insert dialog box, fill in the text to be inserted in at line begin; select the following before character number, which means to insert before that column. In fact, after selecting the position to insert, on the right side, the right edge of the selected part is automatically displayed. For example, 7 is displayed, indicating that the right edge of the selected part is in the 7th column. Click the number 7, for example: insert is completed, for example: Not complete...

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