Programmers 30 years old can do, programmers 30 years old after what to do?

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is the old topic, programmer 30-year-old capable, programmer 30 years old after what to do? Recently, the blog Park programmer over 30 years old can write the program's post seems to fire again. That year I just started to do it, see this kind of post, scared very much-almost gave up, fortunately I dare. So today is free, and then see such a post, always can not help but to say a few more words.

I majored in international trade in college, after graduation is mainly to do lawyers, but also more deeply involved in the decoration industry, a few years ago to do it.

So, I think, on this topic, I can give you a different perspective of the revelation. Of course, personal opinion, for reference only, this is a benevolent see topic.

I'll talk about some of the common ideas below.

1. The programmer's threshold is low. This I admit, I am an example, hehe, a lot of people scold the kind of "come in and rob your rice bowls" people. When looking for a job, I was afraid of being asked my major, feeling inferior. The results came in, only to find that many colleagues, the original is not trained, and they do very well! So a lot of people began to feel self-pity, the first choice of the wrong professional, their hard-earned study for 4 years, the results come out nothing is ... But what I want to ask is, 1.1 what kind of career threshold is high? As far as all the professions I have experienced (international trade, English teachers, lawyers, interior decoration), the programmer's threshold is the highest! We are located in an open society Ah! As long as you want to learn, in fact, there is not much you can not learn. Can farmers build airplanes? 1.2 Did you really "worked hard" in college for 4 years? The reason for this suspicion, first, I 4 years of college, is purely mixed up, including almost all of my classmates, second, I test "soft set" when, only to find that the hanging off, a lot of them are students (of course, they may be freshman, sophomore, or not as I "test"); I know that there are some computer professional students, the junior high School has been a great technical level, and by this small income, let me straight regret, then if I learn computer ...

2. The programmer is doing physical work. Said the classmate, said is nothing more than "overtime" and "no technical content." What I still want to ask is, 2.1 How many professions do not work overtime? My dad does the building, I do decorate the time, catch the progress, sleep sheds, all night long, is the norm. My brother, when the civil service, weekend business is not take some, I heard that I added a class and take some, all to jump up. 2.2 It is said that Microsoft does not work overtime, Google does not work overtime, why don't you go, or you can not go? Why doesn't your job have a "technical content"? In exchange for thinking, you ask, Microsoft, Google's technician after work is what? (If someone happens to be Microsoft, Google, back to a message, hehe)

3. China's software industry is in dire condition. I still want to ask is: 3.1 slightly. 3.2 What have you done for this bad software industry? This sounds a bit high, but in fact, you write a document, a multi-spec line of code, write a more technical blog ... These can all be your contributions. Do not accumulate kuibu, no so thousands of miles. It is precisely because of the efforts of each of us, every small contribution, to make our lives a day of good. Here I would like to say a few more, a few years ago, for the same reason-aversion to the rule of law in China, I left my once beloved lawyer to work. A few years later, especially yesterday, saw the Chongqing black case lawyer Li Zhuang and his defense attorney Chen Yousi, for the hearts of fairness and justice of the faith, the sacrifice, the expression of the Clank iron character, and the resulting bloom of humanity, wisdom and the rule of law light, let me understand, I am sad to give up and betrayal.

4. Software industry Technology Update fast. So, the experience of older programmers is no use, 10 years and 8 years of work, but also back and the lad spell technology. I still want to ask is: 4.1 or slightly! 4.2 Do not know if you have ever thought, in the ever-changing computer technology, there is no change in things? The most common answer I've ever seen is, "Yes, algorithms (ideas/data structures), algorithms are not obsolete"; and then a lot of people began to delve into the algorithm, but then someone came out, "everyone in the actual work has not used the algorithm yo?" , and the answer often makes them very sad. (This has time to be discussed separately) as for my understanding, as with any technology, software development technology is to say the accumulation of! I started to learn C #, ASP. NET, but when I learned it, I knew it, and I couldn't learn it any more. Some basic concepts that you simply do not understand: reference type/value type? Compile-time/run-time? What is a hash? What is Cookie/session? Why layering? What's the design mode for? This knowledge, not to buy a few "asp.net2.0", "C # Advanced Programming" and other books can be solved. After entering the job, you find more questions: You can not make a day of the bug, the old programmer in a few minutes to get it done; the way you racked your brains, the old programmers don't blink, they have ideas; Customer requirements document, you feel rotten like dog excrement, Dog, But the old programmer can get it and start doing it ... The Gap! As far as I know, C language has pointers, ASP has a cookie and session, learning JavaScript should know what is interpretation of execution, understand hash is the basic skill of data structure; it is conceivable that, with these accumulations, it is much easier to learn C # and ASP. Forget who said (like Jin Xu-liang teacher), "did not write 100,000 lines of code, do not talk about the design pattern", for the deep understanding of software engineering, it is absolutely necessary to long-term work experience of the Baptist? You will understand why you need to design patterns when you are being tortured by the changing needs of your customers, and when you find code in an ASP page that tears are flowing out, you will understand the need for ASP. Codebehind, control development. If you find you have been working 5 years and 10 years, and you have not yet a young man graduating from the new technology fast, he did not learn well (the depth of understanding is also very important), there may be two situations: this young man gifted, absolutely belong to the level of cattle, this situation you accept it, a few one out of 10,000 of the cattle are you met The other thing is that you've been in the white mix for 5 years and 10 years!

In fact, on the road of learning, there are not many shortcuts to go, "I know this matter to preach"! Many people recall their growth experience, will feel that they have gone a lot of detours. But you know, today you can see that it's a detour, and this is where you're different from the past! Programmer: May, the force is with you!

Do not know if you have ever thought, a programmer, how to calculate "good"? A language that no one can speak? Understand an algorithm that no one knows? Know a design pattern that no one knows? ...... Not really, at least I don't think so. A good programmer, his temperament is real and spill over. He has a solid foundation, many years of assiduous, so that his roots, deep and dense, he can learn from all the knowledge that can be learned to provide him with lush growth; he experienced, experience broad, witnessed the vicissitudes of computer technology, no matter success or failure, he has a harvest; he fully confident, so calm and calm, He had no complaints, only a dash of perseverance; he loved, so he was persistent, so he was willing to share, and this all, all need years of baptism, persistent insistence, unremitting struggle. Otherwise, what is "sedimentation"?

China's software development started very late, probably the earliest batch of programmers also in the late 80 in the early 90 to embark on the job, and flourished, it should be in the late 90. So most people who do it seem to be young. But even so, many of them should have been had been. Are they unemployed? Have you changed your career? Would like to do a survey, but only in my eyes can, they are in their respective jobs play an irreplaceable role.

The words are very mean, but not so, I am afraid there will be more young people with inexplicable fear and hesitation, and forget, forward, is to dispel the shadow of the front of the only means.

Programmers 30 years old can do, programmers 30 years old after what to do?

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