Programmers have to respect their careers to be more and more good.

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In fact, the outside world to the programmer to add a lot of tags, or the programmer self-deprecating ridicule added.

In fact, no matter how the outside view of the programmer's job, I feel very proud of. "It's good to be a programmer!" ”

You have to respect your career by making others respect your career. In this era of the Internet, if not our thousands of programmers in the background struggle,

How to give everyone a wonderful internet world, in fact, our work is quite meaningful.

Though you earn less money, or you make money for your boss, you choose your own programmer, so learn to look at the shining point in your career.

Hope that the students who work in the programmer do not complain too much about this job, and actively to face their work, although as programmers we lost a lot of things,

But we have a lot of it.

Do your job and take care of every line of code you write! As a front-line developer, your attitude to the code reflects your attitude towards the job.

2016 hope that the programmer brothers and sisters healthy, the mentality is getting better, pay more and more high.

From programmer Kang Youyao of the positive energy and June mutual encouragement!

Programmers have to respect their careers to be more and more good.

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