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With the continuous promotion and widespread acceptance of project management technology, WBS has gradually entered the project manager's vision, one of the core tools for daily project management, it fully embodies the core concept of "decomposition" of PMBOK, which can help the project team to control the overall situation and avoid project deviation due to lack of weeks or lack of experience, even fall into the abyss of failure. Here, I will sort out my understanding of WBS in the project management process, hoping to help my friends who are interested in project management and WBS applications.

The work breakdown structure, work breakdown struct (WBS), is a work-level breakdown oriented to deliverables, the project team is responsible for implementing the project objectives and submitting deliverables. It can be said that it is the core of the entire project management. I personally think that it is the cornerstone of "quantitative management of projects", and the "benchmark of Projects" cannot be too much. As shown in:

    • WBS is equivalent to the scope of the project, because its definition is described as "deliverables-oriented work-level decomposition"
    • The sum of the cost of each activity at the bottom of WBS is the estimated cost of the entire project. This is a "bottom-up" estimate.Algorithm.
    • Estimate the human resources required for each job by using all WBS work packages.
    • After resource-based estimation, sort the activities and estimate the time required for the activities. The summary is the project progress plan.
    • Based on the consideration of the risks of all work packages, a good risk list can be obtained, and the risk register of the project can be obtained by further screening and sorting.
    • Evaluate the external conditions required for all work packages to obtain the items to be purchased for the project.


From the simple analysis above, we can see that from WBS, we can draw the benchmarks and plans needed for all project management. We can say that we have demonstrated my point of view again from another perspective: "WBS is the benchmark for the project ".

however, in our daily work, many project managers simply put their heads on the schedule, it is true that the project manager is very familiar with the project and has a lot of experience in similar projects. However, after all, projects are unique activities. based on personal experience, there will inevitably be some omissions. Without WBS, data of many other projects will be nowhere to be obtained, resulting in the measurement benchmark of the entire project. Therefore, the decision-making can only rely on "shoot head ". Therefore, as a new project manager, we should focus more on WBS usage, so as to lay a solid foundation for further improving the quality of project management.

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