Project: Heart Rate Measurement with a camera

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The complete question made in nelvt is the automatic detection technology and application of human physiological indicators based on the camera. Simply put, the heart rate is measured by the camera.


The goal is mainly for non-contact measurement, based on the medical photolethysmography (PPG) technology. PPG is a non-invasive method for detecting blood volume changes in living tissue by photoelectric means. It is applied to the use of cameras for measurement. It can be roughly explained as follows: As the heart beats, blood circulation, the blood volume in all parts of the human body is constantly changing (also the pulse principle). When the blood volume is large, there is more light to absorb; otherwise, there is less light to absorb. Therefore, the frequency of blood volume changes can be obtained based on the light changes.

System Structure

The function is simple and the structure is clear: first, the data is collected through face detection. after a certain amount of data is collected, le and a certain amount of signal are processed to obtain the blood volume pulse wave, and uses the sliding time window for continuous measurement.

P. viola's Haar Feature Detection (see AdaBoost-based Haar-like face detection), MATLAB dimensionality reduction toolkit (see data dimension reduction toolbox drtoolbox) originally used for test of Le and other dimensionality reduction algorithms.


Another effect video:

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