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In the project process, there will be old faces, but there will also be a lot of new faces to join, what kind of new people are more pleasant? As a manager, I want to get the most benefits at the lowest cost, but in fact there are too few new people. Here are some of the new ones I want at work.

There are two types of new students I refer to: new students who have just graduated and have no work experience, and new students who have some work experience.

Most of the time, we are reluctant to recruit new college students. Despite its advantages, such as white paper, curiosity, and good shaping, the cost is relatively low. Currently, the monthly salary is 3000 ~ 3500 is good. However, for a small company, the new personnel trained today may be employees of other companies tomorrow. After two years of study, especially project training, its technical level and business level have grown rapidly. In the past two years, we have been able to do many things independently. At this time, we will feel that both salary and other development spaces cannot meet their needs, the only way out is to change jobs and find a bigger company or a higher-paying company.

Only those with recruitment experience, Computer basics, and development skillsProgramming LanguageAnd databases. However, for those who change jobs, the motivation is different, and sometimes it will cause some trouble to the project team.

As a matter of fact, whether it's for fresh college students or those with work experience, as long as they are used properly and give full play to the strengths of everyone, it will also bring benefits to the project. For newcomers who just entered the project team, I hope:

1,Attitude: Attitude determines everything. First of all, we must have a good and refined attitude, instead of dealing with things. This requires us to keep improving our work and responsibility for ourselves. Some people often use the copy and paste methods when completing a specified module or function. They copy their own modules or functions first, but cannot copy other masters, which has never been a breakthrough in technology, this attitude is undesirable.

2,Modesty: Proper modesty is a virtue, but it cannot be overly modest. When new people are new to the team, some of them are humble because they don't understand anything. At this time, you should pay attention to it, however, if you are familiar with it, you will not be able to understand it. In the spirit of learning attitude, people are doing things, and many people are watching you. When you need to express your opinions, such as project team discussions or when asking you to express your opinions, it is the best time for new people to express their opinions, but many newcomers have retreated. However, you cannot show off your skills too much and be arrogant. Some new people may blurts out their skills to express their abilities.

3,Communication: Many new people may feel this way: they are afraid to ask questions from others. Therefore, they often work hard to understand something and spend a lot of time. In fact, if they ask others, they may be able to understand it in just a few minutes. This phenomenon is especially prominent for introverted people. In fact, as long as you speak, many people are willing to help. In addition, new people have just entered the company and are unfamiliar with many things. They even need to communicate with each other. Only by constantly communicating can they improve their business and technical capabilities. During communication, you must learn to express yourself. Never be confused by the cloud.

4,Cooperation: The current project is rarely completed by one person. Whether you are good or normal, you must know how to cooperate with team members through continuous cooperation, in order to quickly integrate into the team, in order to play the role of the team.

5,Execution: Improve Execution based on understanding. Start from the trivial matter and start from the basics. Generally, when a new employee joins the company, the project manager will not be too embarrassed. the assigned tasks also start from the foundation. Do not be at a low level, but only slowly improve their own execution, to lay the foundation for future opportunities.

6,Basic Capabilities: For recent college students, I would like to emphasize that improving their basic abilities and programming skills should not go to the enterprise before learning. enterprises are not the cradle for cultivating talents, enterprises are pursuing profits.

I did not emphasize technology in the above aspects. I think that, as a college student, its own quality will not be inferior, the technical aspects should be plastic. However, if the above aspects are not very good, the chance to become a usable person is relatively small.

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