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First of all, to everyone say sorry, this article delayed so long to meet with you.
As for the bug tracking and management of the need and benefits, I do not say here, the following describes several bug tracking and management software.

First, Bugnet

Bugnet is a very good open source software, based on. NET Framework2.0, using the Web site project developed by Server, and the Microsoft Report Viewer is also used in the project redistributable 2005 and Microsoft ASP. AJAX 1.0.

The latest version is: Bugnet 0.7.921.0

Official homepage:

Latest version Download: Http://

Source code Download: Http://

English Document: Http://

It has features such as sending messages, generating reports, project configuration management, people and Rights management, bug management, and more. Here's a brief look at its installation and configuration:

1. Unzip the latest Bugnet installation package into a specified directory (such as C:\BugNET). If you need source code, please download it here.

2. Make sure that you have created a virtual directory for bugnet on your machine's IIS, pointing to the folder (for example: C:\BugNET) where the files were extracted from the first step. Then the URL should be http://localhost/BugNet.

3. Using Windows Explorer, open the root directory of the Web site (default is C:\BugNET). Right click on the directory and select "Sharing and Security" in the pop-up menu (Note: If you have Windows XP, you may need to enable "Simple File sharing" before viewing these options). Select the "Security" tab. Add the appropriate user account and set permissions.

If you're using a windows2000-iis5,
-User Account {Server}\aspnet must have read, write, and modify permissions for bugnet corresponding virtual directory
If you're using a WINDOWS2003-IIS6,
-User account NT Authority\Network Service must have read, write, and modify permissions for bugnet corresponding virtual directories

4. Create an empty database on your SQL Server (for example, the database name is ' Bugnet '). If this is an upgrade operation, back up your database before doing anything.

5. Edit the Web. config file using a text editor. Locate the "LocalSqlServer" connection string setting and modify the "connectionString" property value to match the database you created in step fourth.

<add name= "LocalSqlServer"
Connectionstring= "Server=myserver;database=bugnet;uid=bugnet;pwd=bugnet"
Providername= ""/>

6. Browse Http://localhost/BugNet/Install/Install.aspx (or the virtual directory you created in the second step).

7. The installation process begins.

8. Once the installation is complete, you can log in using the Admin user account.

User name: admin
Password: password

This way, your bugnet installation is complete and should be accessible in http://localhost/BugNet, if there is any installation problem, please visit the Support forum.

The following is run after the Bugnet home:

I want to finish this article, you will definitely try it yourself!

OK, that's all-I-say, and now, it's your turn.

Sorry, because the following two software is not very familiar with, and because of the recent pressure is larger, really can not take the time, so find some relevant information for everyone to reference, please forgive us!

Second, Bugfree

Bugfree is the Microsoft software Development concept, free and open source, Web-based Lite defect management system. It is currently the only "clone" of Microsoft internal Bug management tool Product Stuido (formerly called RAID) free software. Bugfree is written in Php+mysql and can be run on both Linux and Windows platforms, and the recommended environment for use is lamp (linux+apache+mysql+php).

Here are some of the resources in the garden, because of the same kind of resources, only selected a relatively new few.

Bugfree use drip.


[Original] How to install Bugfree2.0.0.1 under Windows


Defect management tool Bugfree installation instructions



Trac is an open source software application platform that integrates wiki and issue tracking management systems for software development projects. TRAC has built a software project management Web application in a simple way to help developers better write high-quality software, and TRAC applications strive to not affect the development process of existing teams.

TRAC Features:

Wiki: Don't say that.
Timeline: You can see which files have been updated recently to keep up with the progress
Roadmap: The project progress includes those stages, can see the current progress status, according to Ticket setting, Ticket can point to a Milestone, has been tracking the progress of the current project completion.
Browse Source: After integration with SVN, you can view the original code and SVN's Code submission log
View Tickets: See what ticket, see what is not done (commonly used: My tickets, Active tickets), etc.
Tickets contains the following types:

    1. Active tickets-what tickets are currently active
    2. Active Tickets by Version
    3. Active tickets by Milestone-Divide active tickets by Milestone
    4. Assigned, Active tickets by Owner
    5. Assigned, Active Tickets by Owner (full Description)
    6. All tickets by Milestone (including closed)-List all tickets
    7. My tickets-list the tickets that belong to you
    8. Active tickets, Mine first-list all active tickets, sorted by importance

New Ticket: Add a Ticket, which is a possible bug entry.
Search: Searching function

Here are some of the garden articles, if you are interested, you can also find a lot of similar articles on the Internet.

Trac notes (i): Installing TRAC under Windows


Install Apache+svn+trac notes on Win32


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Project management Practice "Four" bug Tracking Management "bug Trace and Management"

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