Project management software redmine installation and deployment in Windows

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Project management software redmine installation and deployment in Windows

Manual installation of Redmine is very troublesome, and it is very easy to install and deploy using InstantRails

Because redmine 1.0.0 requires a higher version than the InstantRails-2.0, using Redmine1.0 in

InstantRails-2.0 installation is relatively complex, not suitable for beginners. This article uses Redmine version 0.8.4, which is very suitable for beginners.

The installation procedure is as follows:

1. Download InstantRails
2. Unzip the package without installation.
3. Add C:/InstantRails-2.0-win/ruby/bin to the environment variable path;
6. Download redmine (version 0.8.4) address ( Group_id = 1850), decompress the package, put it in the C:/InstantRails-2.0-win/rails_apps directory
7. Run C:/InstantRails-2.0-win/InstantRails.exe. Check if apache is running properly.
8. Configure the database. Here I use the sqlite3 database, which is relatively simple to back up. Rename: the database. yml. example file under the InstantRails-2.0-win/rails_apps/redmine-0.8.4/config/directory is database. yml

The configuration is as follows:

Adapter: sqlite3
Database: db/redmine. sqlite3
Host: localhost
Encoding: utf8

Adapter: sqlite3
Database: db/redmine. sqlite3
Host: localhost
Encoding: utf8

9. import data to the database:

Click I-Rails Applications-Open Ruby Console Window on the instantRails interface to exit the dos Window. Run the following command on the command line:

Cd redmine-0.8.4

Rake db: migrate rails_env = "production"

Rake load_default_data Rails_env = "production"

Here, rake db: migrate rails_env = "production" is used to create a database: rake load_default_data rails_env = "production" indicates that the running environment of the current project is production. You are prompted to select a language, select zh.


Now the configuration is complete, click the InstantRails interface I-RAILS Applications-manage rails applications column, click "start with mongrel" to start redmine 0.8.4, jump out of a dos window, you can start Redmine

11. Enter http: // localhost: 3000/in the browser, enter the username, admin, and password admin to enter the redmine management interface.

12. A dos window is required for redmine startup. You can use redmine as a windows service to enable the operating system to automatically start the redmine server.


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