Project management tools and technologies

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Project management tools and technologies
Famous historian and writer Thomas Carlisle said that humans are animals using tools. If he leaves the tool, he will
With tools, he can master everything. "As the world is constantly becoming more complex, for humans, developing and using tools,
Especially tools for managing important projects are even more important. Project management tools and technologies
Techniques) is able to help the Project Manager and his team implement all the work in the 9-knowledge field. For example, popular time management tools and
Technologies include Gantt charts, Project Network charts, and key route analysis. Table 1-1 lists commonly used tools and technologies in various fields of knowledge.
In subsequent chapters of this book, you will be able to learn more about these tools and other technologies and tools.
In order to evaluate the project management tools, in 2006, a → item survey was conducted on 753 projects and project managers. In this call
During the survey, respondents rated these tools as 1-5 (from low
High), a total of 5 levels. Tools with high usage and great potential for project success are defined as "Super Tools ". These super tools
Includes software for task schedule (such as project management software), Scope statement, requirement analysis, and lessons learned report.
Currently, it has been widely used and proved that important tools that can promote project development include progress reports, start-up meetings, Gantt charts, and
Chapter 4 Project Management Overview 9
Change requirements. Table 1-1 θ lists these super tools. Of course, different tools have different effects in different environments. Institute
It is also crucial for the project manager and project team members to determine which tools are most useful for their specific projects.

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