Project manager preparation for Knowledge Point explaining information system development base explaining (i)

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The examination of Information System Project Manager is a senior qualification examination in the computer software level examination, it is the big hot of soft examinations. Information System Project Manager certificate of high gold content, can be rated senior title, is the requirement for senior project manager, can also be linked. The following Greek Soft Examination Institute for you to bring Information System Project manager preparation Knowledge Point collection of information system development base test explaining, professional teachers according to the real topic and exam outline analysis of the information system construction testing site content, so that you prepare less detours, efficient learning, successfully passed the exam.

Information System Construction Test Center explaining

1. The concept of information systems

Information system is the input of data, through processing, the production of the message systems. Management is the salient feature of information system, computer-based information system can be defined as: combined with management theory and methods, application of information technology to solve management problems, to provide support for management decision-making system.

2. Basic functions of information system

Information system has the basic functions of input, transmission, storage, processing and output of data.

3. National Information System

The national information System consists of 6 elements: Information technology application, information resources, information network, information technology and industry, informatization personnel, information law and Regulations policy and standard specification. The Information technology application is the leading of the six elements in the informatization system, the main position of the national informatization Construction, which embodies the demand and benefit of the national informatization Construction, and the development and utilization of information resources is the core task of the national Informatization, and the key to achieve the actual effect of the national informatization construction. Information network is the basis of information resources development and utilization and information technology application, is the necessary means of information transmission, exchange and sharing, information technology and industry are the foundation of informatization construction in our country, we must vigorously develop the independent information industry; Information talents are the success of the national Informatization, It has a decisive influence on the development speed and quality of other factors, and it is the key of informatization construction. It is the fundamental guarantee for the rapid, continuous, orderly and healthy development of information system to standardize and coordinate the relationship between the various elements of informatization.

4. Life cycle of information systems

According to its life cycle, information system can be divided roughly into the following 4 stages: planning stage, development stage, operation maintenance stage and extinction stage.

analysis and summary of knowledge points in information system construction

Compared with the analysis of the real questions and examination syllabus of the past years, it is not difficult to find out: This part of the information system construction is mainly to require candidates to understand the "national e-Government Twelve-Five planning" document related content, understand the classification of information systems, focusing on information system life cycle model and the various stages of work content, Focus on the type of e-commerce and e-government. Need to remind the senior students friends: for the current enterprise information, e-commerce and e-Government development direction and application trend should have some understanding.

Table of Knowledge point descriptions in this section

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sissy education left teacher warm tip: for most of this section knowledge can refer to Intermediate tutorial "system integration Project management Engineer " (Liu Chunxu Editor) 1th Chapter P1-55, 3rd Chapter p82-85.

Project Manager Preparation Knowledge point explaining information system development base explaining (i)

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