Project, Target, and set project properties in Xcode

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First, newly created projects (such as e.g.), the app's properties include project and TARGETS two blocks of content. And a project has only one project, but can have one or more TARGETS (from Apple's name can also be seen, this TARGETS is plural, ^.^).

Next we add a TARGETS to the project, such as:

① selected, add

② familiar panels, create what we need (I choose the single View application story version).

③ look at the effect:

④ New TARGETS called demo_2, we can normal Run up!

Second, set the common APP properties

1, set the APP to support the direction of device devices Orientation, we can choose two sets of ways;

Mode one: For example, you can directly tick the APP to support the direction of rotation;

Mode two: For example, you can add or remove the attributes you need in info.plist;

2, set the app icon, Apple recommended that we add the app icon in the folder Assets.xcassets (the specific size does not explain), the right side of the panel to set your app icon support device.

3, set up the APP launcher screen, first say my general practice (because I do not like storyboard):

① Create a new Launch Image here

② Delete the "Launchscreen.storyboard" generated when the project was created

③ Setup Engineering support Launch Image

Ok. It's done!

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Project, Target, and set project properties in Xcode

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