"Project tracking and supervision" in cmmi4 process domain"

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The purpose of project tracking and supervision is to establish appropriate visibility into the actual progress, so that managers can take effective measures when the software project performance significantly deviates from the software plan.

Project tracking and supervision include reviewing and tracking software completion and results against documented estimates, agreements, and plans. Adjust these plans based on actual completion and results.

Documented software projects (software development plans, as described in critical process areas of software project planning) serve as the basis for tracking software activities, transfer statuses, and revision plans. Manager monitoring software
Activity. The actual software scale is mainly achieved at the completion of the selected software work product and at the selected milestone. Compare the workload and schedule with the plan to determine the progress. When it is determined that no software item is implemented
To take corrective actions.

These measures may include revising the software development plan to reflect actual completion and re-planning legacy work or taking performance improvement measures.

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