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Prompt setup Prompt

[Where applicable] when you're tired of c:\> prompts or if you want to make your prompts unique, you can
Try it, very interesting DOS commands that can be displayed at any time and date.

[usage] prompt $p $g The current directory name and the > number as the prompt, which is the most commonly used prompt

Prompt $t represents the time prompt $d represents the date

Prompt $$ represents $ prompt $q =

Prompt $v represents the current version prompt $l representation <

Prompt $b said | Prompt $h represents the abdication character

The prompt $e represents the character prompt the ESC represents $_ the carriage return line change

[Example] C:\dos>prompt Wang$g will wang> as a prompt

Wang>prompt $t $d$g Use the time, date, and > number as a prompt

0:01:07.77thu 08-29-1996>prompt $p $g


Restore restores a backed-up file

[Recommended] If you have previously made a file backup with backup, you can use it to recover when the original file is corrupted

Restore the files from the disk backed up with the backup command to another disk, on the backup disk
These two documents should be backup.00x and control.00x.

[Usage] restore [Backup letter] [Destination letter]

Restore the backup file on the backup disk to the specified disk

RESTORE/S restores the backup file including subdirectories to the specified disk

Restore/p lets users determine whether to recover files

Restore/b: Files prior to date recovery date

restore/a: Files After date recovery date

RESTORE/L: Files prior to time recovery time

restore/e: Files After time recovery time

Restore/m only restores files that have been modified since the last backup

restore/n only recovered files that have been deleted since the last backup

RESTORE/D only displays the file name to be recovered

[Example] C:\dos>restore A:c:
Insert backup diskette in drive A:
Press any key to continue ...

In a drive to put the first backup disk, press any key can be restored after the first, press Shun
Order into the other disk.

When you do not recover the file correctly with the above command, use:

C:\dos>restore a:c:\/s

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