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Recently, my eyesight has been severely impaired. In the past, my eyesight was quite good. Now I feel a little old-fashioned. I have seen a lot of computers, but I can't help it. It's so tired and miserable to do software development. Search online:


What do I need to eat more and drink more to my computer every day? Reduce radiation?

First, you need to reduce the radiation, change the LCD screen, reduce the operation time, take a 10-minute rest in an hour, and wash your face half a day. Second, use other methods.

People who often use computers and sit in front of a TV set will feel unwell, lost vision, and fatigue. These people should pay attention to eating more food with anti-radiation, eyesight protection, fatigue resistance, and mental supplements.
Eat foods that are beneficial to your eyes, such as eggs, fish, cod liver oil, carrots, spinach, sweet potato, pumpkin, wolfberry, chrysanthemum, sesame, radish, and animal liver, drinking chrysanthemum tea can receive clear-hearted effects.
Eat more foods with high calcium content, such as soy products, bone soup, eggs, milk, lean meat, and shrimp.
Note the supplement of Vitamins: Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables containing vitamins.
Pay attention to increasing resistance: Eat more foods that enhance the body's disease resistance, such as shiitake mushrooms, honey, fungus, kelp, citrus, jujube, etc.
Eat anti-radiation food: although the computer has little impact on human health, it should also be prevented. Tea Drinking, especially green tea, can reduce the radiation hazard, and the LPS in tea has the anti-radiation effect. Spirulina and seabuckthorn oil have anti-radiation effect.
In addition, wash your face after using your computer and watching TV, and exercise properly at ordinary times.


★What should I eat when I work in the office for a long time?

People who do text work or often operate computers are prone to impaired eyesight. Vitamin A can prevent this disease. Eat three carrots each week to maintain the normal vitamin A content in the body, less chance of staying in the office all day, easy to lack vitamin D and prone to osteoporosis, need to eat more sea fish, chicken liver and other foods containing vitamin D.

★What to eat after fatigue

When fatigue occurs, it is not recommended that you eat chicken, fish, meat, and eggs. When fatigue occurs, the body accumulates acidic substances, while meat is acidic, which can increase fatigue. On the contrary, alkaline foods such as fresh vegetables and aquatic products can restore the body quickly. If conditions are met, A hot bath can make people feel refreshed and relieve fatigue.

★In a bad mood

Calcium has a stable mood, can prevent attacks and destructive behavior, bad temper should rely on milk, yogurt, milk and other dairy products, as well as dried fish, bone soup and other calcium-containing foods in peace of mind, when people are under great psychological pressure, the vitamin C they consume will increase significantly. If you are mentally stressed, eating 3-5 fresh dates each day can relieve tension.

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